Pig Pits

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Pig Pits are locations containing pigs. They are unlocked after completion of Bringing Home the Bacon

History[edit | edit source]

In Bringing Home the Bacon, an adventurer assisted Eli Bacon in raising awareness of the usefulness of pigs. During this task, bacon addicts (crazed by Eli's discovery of the delectable meat) forced Eli to hide his pigs underground in a cellar. After successfully promoting the pigs, people came to Eli to buy breeding pigs, and seeing the pigs underground, figured that was the best way to raise them.

Locations [edit | edit source]

Location Map Image
Storm cellar at the Falador Farm south of Falador. Falador farm pig pit view.png
Cave south of Falador west bank, near the agility shortcut. Falador pig pit view.png
Cave north of the Champions' Guild near the Varrock wall. Varrock pig pit view.png
Cave just north-west of the Ardougne north bank. Ardougne pig pit view.png

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

The old Lumbridge Pig pit.
  • If a player attempts to enter a pig pit on a free-to-play server a message will appear stating "Something interesting happens. However, it is so small and insignificant that overall nothing interesting happens." This is a reference to the common game message "Nothing interesting happens."
  • The Lumbridge pit was removed with the release of the Battle of Lumbridge. It was later re-added, but has since disappeared.
  • Before the quest, the caves are marked with a large Rock with the examine text "By the gods, a giant rock!"