Pickled cabbage

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Rotten potato.png The subject of this article can only be used by Jagex Moderators.
It cannot be obtained by conventional methods and is not designed for use by players.
Pickled cabbage detail.png

The pickled cabbage is an item used by Jagex Moderators for their community tools.

It can be used to start the following community scenarios:

Name Description Event type Difficulty
A card of love Gives players around you a Valentine's Card General
Balloon Madness Spawns tons of balloon animals that are tricky to pop. Might have the odd firework/firecracker in it if I'm feeling generous. General Novice
Black Knights versus White Knights Allows the spawning of Black and White Knights by the J Mod.

NPCs will then have at each other, and whoever happens to be wearing offensive armour.
NPCs scale to the combat level of the first player to attack them.
WARNING: This is NOT safe death.

Combat Novice
Carnival Dancers Spawns non-attackable dancers, as well as playing carnival music around you and showing confetti/fireworks on screen for all players within 10 tiles. General Novice
Chickens versus Jad Oodles of Chickens, hens and other roosters versus 1 Jad. NPCs are to be spawned in the safe Clan Wars arena. General Novice
Christmas 2015 Transmog nearby players into stockings & baubles General Novice
Demolish the snowman Spawns unaggressive snowmen that drop snowballs with the odd chance of coal. Combat Novice
Diamond Jubilee Balloon drop with various party items in. General Novice
Easter Critter Allows spawning of a variety of unattackable bunnies and squirrels. General Novice
Event Attendance! Gives a card out to anyone nearby (Use it for events ONLY) General Novice
Faction PvP Creates a safe death area around the J Mod. Choose 2 teams from a selection of different factions and then fight! Combat Intermediate
Fancy a cuppa? Gives players around you a Cup of Tea General
Fancy some Açaí? Gives players around you a bowl of Açaí General
Harbingers of Tuska Spawns Airuts Combat
Mad May Stamping Mad May Stamping General
Monkeys Spawn 10 monkeys. These are for flavour and don't drop anything when killed. Combat Novice
Snowmens Players are rewarded with an XP lamp for every 5 killed, once per day. Combat
Stroopwafels for everyone! Gives players around you a stroopwafel. General
Thanksgiving Turkeys and Turkeys and TURKEYS General
The Flight of Goebies Transmog nearby players into Goebies General
Winter wolf Hati and Sköll. Combat
Zombie Monkeys Spawn some zombie monkeys. Combat
Zombie pirates versus Ninja monkeys Zombie pirates spawned at your location will fight ninja monkeys spawned at your location. The NPCs will attack each other rather than players. Combat
Zombie Survival Spawns aggressive Zombies at your location, but only in the Safe Clan Wars arena. The Zombies WILL attack whoever spawned them, among others, so be warned. Combat

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