Pickaxe (class 1)

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Pickaxe (class 1) detail.png

The pickaxe (class 1) from the Stealing Creation minigame is made by using class 1 clay of sacred clay on a creation kiln. The class of the pickaxe is dependent on the class of the clay used to create it. The pickaxe is used to collect sacred clay from the Mining area. It can also be brought back to the home base to be stored for another player to use. This pickaxe requires 1 Mining to use and 1 Smithing to make.

The pickaxe (class 1), similar to all other Stealing Creation items, can not be taken outside of the minigame.

Table of pickaxes
IconClassLevel to useLevel to make
Pickaxe (class 1).pngClass 11 MiningMining1 SmithingSmithing
Pickaxe (class 2).pngClass 220 MiningMining20 SmithingSmithing
Pickaxe (class 3).pngClass 340 MiningMining40 SmithingSmithing
Pickaxe (class 4).pngClass 460 MiningMining60 SmithingSmithing
Pickaxe (class 5).pngClass 580 MiningMining80 SmithingSmithing