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Pickaxe-Is-Mine is a mining shop that sells base pickaxes up to and including rune pickaxes. It is run by Tati and Sune. It is located east of the Consortium building.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Item Stock Sell price Buy price GE price Resale value
Bronze pickaxe.png: Pickaxe-Is-Mine sells 10 of Bronze pickaxe for 1680 and buys them for 50Bronze pickaxe101,680Coins 1000.png50Coins 25.png1,458Coins 1000.png-2,220Coins 1000.png
Iron pickaxe.png: Pickaxe-Is-Mine sells 10 of Iron pickaxe for 2510 and buys them for 75Iron pickaxe102,510Coins 1000.png75Coins 25.png4,402Coins 1000.png18,920Coins 10000.png
Steel pickaxe.png: Pickaxe-Is-Mine sells 10 of Steel pickaxe for 3340 and buys them for 100Steel pickaxe103,340Coins 1000.png100Coins 100.png5,037Coins 1000.png16,970Coins 10000.png
Mithril pickaxe.png: Pickaxe-Is-Mine sells 5 of Mithril pickaxe for 5010 and buys them for 150Mithril pickaxe55,010Coins 1000.png150Coins 100.png8,645Coins 1000.png18,175Coins 10000.png
Adamant pickaxe.png: Pickaxe-Is-Mine sells 2 of Adamant pickaxe for 6680 and buys them for 200Adamant pickaxe26,680Coins 1000.png200Coins 100.png16,079Coins 10000.png18,798Coins 10000.png
Rune pickaxe.png: Pickaxe-Is-Mine sells 1 of Rune pickaxe for 16680 and buys them for 500Rune pickaxe116,680Coins 10000.png500Coins 250.png18,791Coins 10000.png2,111Coins 1000.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The store's name is a play on words of "This Axe is Mine".