Phasmatys Old Herald

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This article or section contains information only featured in Postbag from the Hedge.
Postbags are written for fun and the information contained in the letters is not to be considered canon unless otherwise mentioned.

The Phasmatys Old Herald is the local newspaper of Port Phasmatys. It is referenced in the Chaos Elemental's 24 hour movie marathon, mentioned in It begins again..., the 46th Postbag from the Hedge. The newspaper did a review of the film The Wrath of Carnillean, describing the film as "feeling like home".[1]

The newspaper's initials, POH, are a common abbreviation for the player-owned house. This, coupled with the review, may be references to a house update, as the Chaos Elemental's sections of the Postbag from the Hedge were often used to tease future content.

References[edit | edit source]

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