Pharaoh of Menaphos

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This article is about the position. For other uses, see Pharaoh (disambiguation).

Pharaoh of Menaphos is a position held by the ruler of Menaphos.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

Reign Pharaoh Line
Second Age Senliten Senliten
Osmumten's usurper[1] Osmumten's usurper
c. 3669 III Emharses
c. 129 V Apmekian pharaoh[2]
Fifth Age Pharaoh's mother
??? V — 169 V Pharaoh
169 V — present Osman Senliten

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Senliten, "Our Man in the North", RuneScape. "Eventually, they struck - an assassin that had worked up through the ranks of his royal guard. At least his death was swift... [Osmumten] was supplanted, the royal bloodline was deposed, and Menaphos has been ruled over by the descendants of that usurper ever since."
  2. ^ Mizaru, "Do No Evil", RuneScape. "Fifty years ago, the progressive young Pharaoh of Menaphos proposed an alliance of Al Kharid, in the hopes of bringing prosperity to the desert. He was a worshipper of Apmeken." It is unknown whether this is the same pharaoh as Osman's predecessor, in which case he is not a separate pharaoh.