Pet of Seasons (Treasure hunter)

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Pet of Seasons is a Treasure Hunter promotion that started on 8 October 2015 an lasted until 13 October. Remaining unfinished items were removed on 28 October.

Components[edit | edit source]

During the promotion players will be able to acquire the following components:

The Flourishing seeds could be obtained through the Herblore skill, Lush blossoms through the Woodcutting skill, Fallen leaves through the Farming skill and Charred branches using the Firemaking skill.

These components can be combined, respectively, in to Pet of Spring, Pet of Summer, Pet of Autumn and the Pet of Winter at a cost of 600 of the specific component.

Promotional items[edit | edit source]

Treasure Hunter prizes[edit | edit source]

Flourishing seeds.png25
Flourishing seeds.png100
Lush blossoms.png25
Lush blossoms.png100
Fallen leaves.png25
Fallen leaves.png100
Charred branches.png25
Charred branches.png100
Pet of seasons token.png1

Craftable items[edit | edit source]

Pet of Spring.png1
Pet of Summer.png1
Pet of Autumn.png1
Pet of Winter.png1