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This article is about Invention gizmo perks. For for a guide for the best Skilling perks, see Optimal Skilling Perk Setup.
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Perks are effects added to weapons, armour, or tools with Invention. They are created by combining materials inside a gizmo shell. The resulting gizmo is attached to an item that has been augmented with an augmentor.

Perks are created within three types of gizmo shells (weapon, armour and tool). Perks can be specific to a gizmo shell type or can be used in two or more gizmo shell types. For example, the Mobile perk is only used in a weapon or armour gizmo shell and not in a tool gizmo shell.

Certain perks such as Efficient (a perk used to affect the drain rates of augmented armour, weapon, or tool items) are used in all gizmo shell types. Each item worn with an Efficient perk is affected individually. Most perks provide a general effect instead of affecting a specific item. These perks do not stack with themselves, and the gizmo with the highest rank will take priority. For example, if a player is wearing an augmented top with Crackling 3 and an augmented bottom with Crackling 2, they will only receive the benefits of Crackling 3.

Creating perks[edit | edit source]

Adding materials to a gizmo
Creating a perk successfully

Perks are created in gizmo shells using materials from the Bag of materials. Gizmos can hold up to 5 slots of items. Common materials require 5 materials to occupy a slot. All other materials (including junk) take 1 material to occupy a slot.

Each material has a set of perks it can give along with a weighting for each perk. For example, the following table describes the available ranks of Lucky when using Silent components or Fortunate components:

Silent Fortunate Mixed
Materials Rank Materials Rank Materials Rank
Silent Fortunate
1 1 1 1 1 4 2–5
2 2 2 1–2 2 3 2–5
3 3 3 1–3 3 2 3–5
4 4–5 4 1–5 4 1 4–5
5 5 5 1–5

Different perk weights from different materials stack as well. For example, combining 3 Silent components with 1 or 2 Fortunate components gives the possibilities of 3–5 for Lucky. From this example it's evident that a component's perk weighting affects both the minimum and maximum rank, and that the sum total does as well.

It is possible for perk production to fail; this is also dependent on perk weighting. Having more components lowers the chance of failure, with having 2 or 3 component slots generally guaranteeing success. Some materials, however, cannot ever guarantee success by themselves; e.g. 5 Fungal components can still fail. When perk creation fails, no materials are lost nor is the gizmo. After either success or failure, the same materials can be attempted again (assuming enough are owned) or the process can be started from scratch.

When trying to obtain a particular perk, it can improve one's chances to use different materials that all give the same perk. For example, 3 Imbued components plus 2 Magic parts gives a better chance of the Crackling perk than 5 Imbued components, which can be seen in the list of possible perks.

A higher invention level[1] improves the chance of making better non-guaranteed perks such as Precise 4, Equilibrium 2. However this effect does not apply to guaranteed perks such as Precise 5.

List of all perks[edit | edit source]

Tool Perks[edit | edit source]

While any tool perk can be fitted into a tool gizmo and placed in any augmented tool, not every perk will work with every skill. The chart below details which skills are affected by each perk.

Perk Archaeology Firemaking Fishing Mining Smithing Woodcutting
Enhanced Efficient
Fortune[t 1]
Furnace[t 2]
Glow Worm
Imp Souled
Rapid[t 3]
Refined[t 2]
Tinker[t 3]
  1. ^ The perk has a lower success rate when used with Firemaking or Smithing
  2. ^ a b This perk has a unique effect when used with Mining.
  3. ^ a b This perk has a unique effect when used with Firemaking or Smithing.

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