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The penguin spy device is an item used in the Penguin Hide and Seek Distraction and Diversion. It can be freely claimed from the Spy Club shop, run by Larry or Chuck.

The device has several functions:

  • 'Scan' applies a pulsing aura around the player (like a scan clue) for 1 minute (however the pulsing does not change frequency, unlike scan clues). When a penguin that has not been spied yet this week is within range, a marker arrow is placed on the penguin and minimap. If there is more than 1 penguin in the area, an option will be given to the player to select which penguin they want to scan for.
    • The default range is roughly 20 Game squares (a 41 by 41 square centred on the player).
    • After spotting 10 penguins, the range is automatically upgraded to 30 squares (a 61x61 centred on the player)
    • The scan option can be configured to either scan for all penguin spies, or only spies that have not been spotted this week.
    • Scanning again while the scan is already active stops the scanning.
  • 'Hint' allows you to select a penguin spy to get a hint of the area that the spy is currently in. The menu also lists which spies you have spotted this week.
  • 'Inspect' allows you to check penguin points and to configure the penguin scanning options.
    • Checking penguin points shows the current balance, penguins found in the current week, and penguins found overall.
    • Configuring the penguin scanning options shows the current settings, after which scanning for all penguin spies or only unspotted penguin spies can be selected.
  • 'Zap' can be used after spotting 40 penguin spies. Using this near a spy will freeze it in place for three minutes.
    • While zapped, the penguin will ocassionally say *Zzzkt...*
    • Zap has a radius of 15 spaces of the player that uses it and will affect all penguins within that range.
    • After successfully zapping a penguin, the zap function becomes unusable for 15 to 30 seconds.
    • After the penguin has become mobile again, it becomes zap immuned for another 1 to 2 minutes.
    • If Zap is used on an unzapped penguin while a zapped penguin is in range the zap will have no affect on the zapped penguin, but will freeze the unzapped penguin provided said penguin isn't currently zap immuned.

None of the functions apply for the penguin agents 001–007.

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