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This article is about penguins as a pet. For other uses, see Penguin (disambiguation).
For the baby penguin pet, see Sheldon the Penguin.

Penguins are pets that can be incubated at a pet shop at level 30 Summoning. Penguin eggs can be obtained for free by talking to the Penguin keeper at the Ardougne Zoo. On average, they take around 2 hours to hatch once put in the incubator (note, it only counts time spent logged in). (Incubators are located in pet shops, which are located in Taverley and Yanille.) After hatching, a baby penguin eats raw fish and will mature into an adult penguin over time. Baby penguins come in the colours of grey, brown, and blue. When taken from the incubator, the player taking the penguin will get a message saying "There is a newborn baby penguin here!" The colour of the egg does not mean that the colour of the penguin will be that colour. The colour isn't chosen by you either, as they are random.

Since it grows 10% in 45 minutes, it takes 7.5 hours to become an adult. The penguin will only grow if it is following the player.

Penguins come in three different colours: plain grey, brownish grey, and bluish grey. Blue Penguins are the least common, with only a 10% chance of an egg yield.

Penguins can be understood at 40 Summoning.

Colour Baby Adult
Chathead NPC Chathead NPC
Grey Baby penguin (grey) chathead.png Baby penguin (grey) pet.png Penguin (grey) chathead.png Penguin (grey) pet.png
Brown Baby penguin (brown) chathead.png Baby penguin (brown) pet.png Penguin (brown) chathead.png Penguin (brown) pet.png
Blue Baby penguin (blue) chathead.png Baby penguin (blue) pet.png Penguin (blue) chathead.png

Penguin (blue) pet.png

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Fully grown penguins will slide on their bellies when taken to snowy or icy climates.
  • Pet penguins are the offspring of the devious penguins from Cold War and they have been revealed as part of the plot line in Postbag from the Hedge 35.
  • When taken to the iceberg from Cold War, the baby penguin will repeat one word: "Slide!". This is a reference to the novel (and adapted movie) "Fight Club" by Chuck Palahinuk.
  • There is a minor glitch when you take a grey penguin into a fish flingers competition. After the competition ends and you're warped to the main area, the penguin remains in the competition area. Then, when you call your pet to meet you, it will start to walk around on its own until called again.
  • Even though you speak to penguins throughout Cold War, a summoning level of 40 is required to understand a pet penguin.
  • When talking to your pet penguin, it will sometimes ask to go to the zoo. It will do this even when it is inside the Penguin enclosure at Ardougne Zoo.