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Patrons are customers of Surula to whom the player must serve beer (while playing as the Barmaid) to finish Surula's random event. There are 20 patrons needing to be served within the random event, scattered throughout the ground floor and the top floor of the bar, and immediately outside the bar. Once they have been served they will no longer have a left click option, making it easier to find which patrons have not been served.

Compliments[edit | edit source]

  • *Hic*
  • Thanks, Surula
  • Cheers
  • Cheers Surula
  • Excellent service as always Surula
  • Wait...didn't I order wine?
  • Hang on, I didn't order that!
  • Took you long enough.
  • Ta
  • Mmm, booze.
  • About time.
  • Yay beer!
  • Grand, thanks!
  • Oh, thanks luv.
  • Excellent as ever Surula
  • Brilliant, thanks!

Examines[edit | edit source]

Each of the unserved patrons have different examine texts:

  • Really wants a drink about now.
  • A thirsty customer awaiting a drink.
  • Seems to be anxiously awaiting a beverage.
  • A thirsty customer.
  • Impatiently waiting for food.
  • Impatiently waiting for their order.
  • Currently discussing how thirsty she is.
  • Currently ranting about the speed of the service.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Some patrons will say they didn't order a beer but accept it anyways.
  • Patrons are physically identical to the port staff around the port.
  • The compliment, "" could possibly be a reference to Homer Simpson's popular quote from The Simpsons.