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Pack mammoths are level 118 combat Summoning familiars which have the largest inventory capacity of all of the Beasts of Burden. They can hold up to 32 items, whose value can be no more than 15,000,000 coins each (but not more than a total of 90,000,000 coins). Pack mammoths also have a special move called Mammoth Feast, which instantly heals the player using food stored in the familiar without having to withdraw it from the mammoth as well as not draining any adrenaline.

Pack mammoth pouch[edit | edit source]


A pack mammoth pouch is made by using a Pouch on an obelisk with 222 spirit shards, a crimson charm, and a mammoth tusk in the inventory and level 99 Summoning. Making the pouch earns 439.8 Summoning experience. Using the pouch to summon a pack mammoth gains 10 experience and costs 100 Summoning points. Each pouch summons a pack mammoth which stays alive for 64 minutes before needing to be re-summoned.

Pack Mammoth scroll (Mammoth Feast)[edit | edit source]


A Pack Mammoth scroll (Mammoth Feast) enables the use of the Mammoth Feast special move for a pack mammoth. Using the pouch on a Summoning obelisk creates 10 scrolls.

Mammoth feast[edit | edit source]

A player activates the Pack Mammoth scroll (Mammoth Feast).

Mammoth feast is the special move for a pack mammoth. It consumes and automatically heals the player with the type of food that is currently stored inside of the familiar, with the chatbox giving the message The Pack mammoth eats the food and sends you the health it gains as a result. Healing in this manner does not drain adrenaline. Expensive spices do not boost this healing.

This does not work with green blubber jellyfish, blue blubber jellyfish, healing potions like Saradomin brews, or poison chalice. It prioritises food by the order in the pack mammoth's inventory (i.e. it would eat food that are listed in front first). It can be used to eat a great gunkan (even when you just ate one normally and it is still on cooldown), but only heals 2275 life points (slightly less than a rocktail) instantly, without healing over time. Secondary effects are generally lost when eating via the pack mammoth (e.g. sailfish cannot heal more than your maximum life points). An exception is Jangerberries, which normally also restores 1 Prayer point when eaten; when used with Mammoth Feast, it restores 25 Prayer points instead.

Ales heal for 2.5x as much when consumed by the pack mammoth, such as beer which heals 250 life points instead of 100, and Moonlight mead heals 1100 instead of 440. However, Pigswill, jug of wine, bottle of wine, or drinks from Gnome cooking (premade or otherwise) only heal the normal amount.

200 life points is the "default" value of healing, and some unusual food items, including cabbage, kebab and skewered kebab heal 200 life points instead of their normal values.

When cast on cake, chocolate cake, or pies, only the health equivalent of one slice is healed, and the whole item is consumed regardless of slices left. The same applies to various cheesecakes (the prayer point restoration is also only 25 per cheesecake regardless of type), and ales in calquat kegs.

When a food item that normally leaves a container behind (e.g. pie dish, beer glass) is eaten by the pack mammoth, the container is destroyed as well.

Concept art of the pack mammoth

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • ninja 5 February 2018 (Update):
    • The maximum stack value on a Beast of Burden has been increased from 5m GP to 15m GP.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before 3 July 2017, food eaten via Mammoth Feast drained 10% adrenaline like normal.