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Overpower is an ultimate Attack ability, requiring level 2 Attack to use. It deals between 200% and 400% weapon damage. This is an average of 300% ability damage.

Overpower is one of the four abilities affected by the Ultimatums perk, reducing its Adrenaline cost by 5% per rank to a maximum of a 20% reduction.

Overpower bears resemblance to another Attack ultimate, Meteor Strike. Overpower deals 200-400% damage, has a 30-second cooldown, and is usable with any melee weapon; Meteor Strike deals 250-350% damage, has a 60-second cooldown, and requires a two-handed weapon. Additionally, Meteor Strike hits all adjacent targets, and it will generate 10% adrenaline for every critical hit until 30 seconds after use. Both abilities average the same damage.

For overall effect, Meteor Strike is preferable to Overpower, but Overpower has a higher maximum hit and no limitations.

Magic has an equivalent of Overpower, titled Omnipower. Both abilities are functionally alike.

With the Igneous Kal-Ket or the Igneous Kal-Zuk worn, both Overpower's adrenaline cost and the amount of adrenaline required to activate it are reduced to 60%, and the ability also hits twice. Both hitsplats are dealt simultaneously. This deals 400% to 800% ability damage with an average of 600% ability damage. Despite the decreased Adrenaline cost, effects such as the Ring of vigour and Conservation of Energy archaeology relic still preserve the 10% adrenaline they would if the ability still cost the regular amount, making the ability much cheaper adrenaline wise to use. The Ultimatums perk does not reduce the cost of the ability if its upgraded by a cape passive, however.

Hit timing[edit | edit source]

Overpower hits 3 ticks after it was cast.

Monsters that use Overpower[edit | edit source]

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