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Overgrown (Karamja)Cut (Karamja)Overgrown (Anachronia)Cut (Anachronia)
Overgrown idol
Overgrown idol (uncut).png
Release14 May 2018 (Update)
OptionsChop down, Examine
ExamineThe statue is covered in vines.
Advanced data
Object ID111307
Overgrown idol icon.png

Overgrown idols are statues present on Karamja and Anachronia, covered in light, medium and dense jungle vines. All eight sets of medium and dense vines around it in the inner ring must be chopped before being able to chop the idol. Level 81 Woodcutting is required to chop all the vines and the idol. Idols provide a leisurely method of training Woodcutting (unlike using Crystallise and Light Form, which require attention every few seconds) that can provide around 90,000 experience an hour with a dragon hatchet.

Successfully chopping down an overgrown idol will grant a temporary boost to Woodcutting of either 5 or 15 minutes. In order to maximize the duration of the boost, the player must make a total of 4 successful chops from the start all the way until the idol has been cleared. If no successful chops were made on the idol, or if the player only successfully chops 3 times while reaching the idol, then they will only receive a partial potential boost.

After successfully clearing the overgrown idol of vines, the idol and surrounding vines will reset after approximately 100 seconds or 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Buff Duration Requirements
Full 15 minutes 4 successful cutting actions
and attempt to cut the idol
Partial 5 minutes Not meeting the full buff requirements,
but making at least 1 successful cutting action

A full potential boost is 15 minutes (4 or more successful chops including an attempt on the idol). A partial potential boost is 5 minutes (3 or fewer successful chops, or 4 successful chops and no attempt on the idol). In order to reach the buff, a minimum of 125 successful chops have to be performed (1 light, 4 medium, 4 dense, and 1 idol). Light jungle vines have 5 hardness, requiring 5 successful chops to be cleared. A medium vine has 10, a dense vine has 15, and the idol has 20.

Object Successful
cuts needed
Light jungle vine 5
Medium jungle vine 10
Dense jungle vine 15
Overgrown idol 20

A helpful tip is to chop only one light jungle vine required to access the interior vines. Once the idol has been chopped down, the player should return to the remaining light vines rather than standing around waiting for the idol to respawn.

If the idol is left too long, the vines will reset, forcing the player away from the idol.

There is a 10% increase to the number of Sentinel fragments when chopping down an overgrown idol or its surrounding vines[1].

Woodcutting info[edit | edit source]

Overgrown idol
Level required81 Woodcutting
Woodcutting XP315 xp
Required toolHatchet
Respawn time2 minutes 24 seconds

Locations[edit | edit source]

Overgrown idols can be found in these locations:

Karamja[edit | edit source]

The fastest way to navigate to the Karamja idols is to tune a Skill portal in the Max Guild garden portal to "Overgrown Idols"; this teleport can then be accessed through a grace of the elves. Players may enter the garden if they have level 99 in at least one skill or are able to wear the Quest Cape. The portal teleports players to the overgrown idol spot, north of the Jadinko Lair.

Alternate means of transportation:

Anachronia[edit | edit source]

Overgrown Idol locations are southeast of the Herby Werby Distraction and Diversion. Look for the wood cutting icons on the World Map. Hovering on them will display Overgrown Idol information. The fastest way to navigate to the idols is using an Ancient seed to teleport to Herby Werby, and then heading southeast. Otherwise, players can navigate the Anachronia Agility Course to get here, either from the base camp or the Slayer cape teleport to Laniakea in southeast Anachronia.

Experience[edit | edit source]

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Chopping the vines and the idol yield 315 base experience for each successful cut. See the woodcutting training guide for helpful woodcutting equipment. A good setup for overgrown idols is

You could additionally use woodcutting accumulators and crystal skillchompas, but they're high gp/xp so not recommended unless you have a lot of cash. Note that log-splitting scrimshaws and Crystallise don't work at overgrown idols. Also note that the Furnace perk does not work here, and Refined could be used, but depleting the vines helps get the buffs, so Wise may be better.

At level 92 Woodcutting with Decorated Urns, Lumberjack outfit, and Crystal Hatchet, you can get 195K xp/hr.

When the Roar of Osseous is active, experience earned from cutting Overgrown Idols on Anachronia is increased by 25%.

Drops[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ a b Only on Anachronia.
  2. ^ Only on Anachronia, and only received once.

Nests loot table[edit | edit source]

Bird's nests have a chance of falling out of this tree.
Some items and equipment can increase the chances of obtaining nests. See Bird's nest § Obtaining for details.
  1. ^ a b c d e f Requires the Tier 3 Grove in Fort Forinthry to be built.
  2. ^ a b c d Dropped in sequence.
  3. ^ a b c d There is bad luck mitigation in place; every nest found while woodcutting increases the chance to find a nest that contains an Imcando hatchet fragment.[2]

Boosts[edit | edit source]

It is not necessary to clear all vines to reach the idol. Only one light vine needs to be cut to reach the inner ring, and only the inner ring of medium and dense vines needs to be cleared. Idols may give strange and golden rocks. Like other trees, chopping vines may drop a bird's nest.

Once an idol has been chopped, one of five Woodcutting boosts will be granted, lasting 5 minutes (partial potential boost) or 15 minutes (full potential boost):

  • Double cutting rate (2 ticks instead of the standard 4 ticks)
  • 10% increase to woodcutting success chance
  • 10% chance to get double logs (or cut twice on ivy/vines/crystal)
  • 5% XP boost
  • Log auto-banking

Investigating a cleared overgrown idol in Karamja awards The End of Gara-Dul journal. This completes the Meeting your Idols achievement, which is a requirement for the master quest cape.

The idol remains cleared for about 2 minutes and 24 seconds before the vines grow back.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Meeting your Idols (RuneScore.png 5) – Investigate an overgrown Karamjan idol to discover an ancient tale.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 2 December 2019 (Update):
    • If you destroy the book "The End of Gara-Dul" and chop the idol in Karamja the achievement no longer triggers and no extra runescore is given.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A successful activation of the "10% chance to get double logs" boost yields the chat message Your Karamjan idol boost allows you to cut an extra time! even if the boost was earned by chopping an idol on Anachronia.

References[edit | edit source]

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