Outfit of Omens

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Helm of Omens chathead.png

The Outfit of Omens is a cosmetic override set obtained by finishing off Vorago with the maul of omens in hard mode. Pieces of the set are given depending on the rotation. Only the player finishing off Vorago during phase 11 will receive the override. When the last piece of the outfit is unlocked, the chance to receive an ancient artefact is also unlocked.

Unlocking a piece triggers the message Congratulations, you have unlocked [piece] customisation override.

Current rotation
Ceiling collapse
Green bomb
Team Split
The end
Next: 6 days (wrong?)
Outfit of Omens
Piece Unlock rotation
Omens torso.png Torso of Omens Ceiling Collapse
Omens helm.png Helm of Omens Scopulus
Omens legs.png Legs of Omens Vitalis
Omens feet.png Boots of Omens Green bomb
Maul of omens.png Maul of Omens Team Split
Omens gloves.png Gloves of Omens The End

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