Quick guide for Our Man in the North

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This quest has an in-depth guide here.
It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Starting off[edit | edit source]

The bloodline[edit | edit source]

Items recommended: Combat gear and food, Pollnivneach Teleport, 1 Free inventory space
  • Go to the Grand Library in the Imperial district. The entrance is next to the deposit box (bank chest).
  • Talk to Kohnen the librarian, who is just north of the entrance. (Chat 1)
  • Leave the Grand Library.
  • Head north to talk to Commander Akhomet. (Chat 12)
  • Head to Pollnivneach.
  • Speak to Aristarchus, who is north-west of the south magic carpet station. (Chat 1)
  • You will have to fight four Menaphite Thugs.
    • They are level 122 and fight using melee.
    • You can hide behind Aristarchus if you need a safe spot and are using Ranged/Magic.
  • Return to the Grand Library and speak to Aristarchus, who is south of the entrance inside the library.
  • Go to Uzer Mastaba. After the cutscene, walk inside and speak to Senliten (fairy code DLQ). (Chat 442)
  • Go to Al Kharid and speak to Osman, who is in the throne room, south of the lodestone.
  • Speak to Emir Ali Mirza next to the throne. (Chat 1)

Tracking down Jabari[edit | edit source]

Items recommended: Have roofs on the Selectively setting in your Graphics Settings
  • Leave the Palace and head north-east to Dommik's Crafting Store.
    • Ignore the quest active area marked on the minimap.
  • Climb the stairs on the inside of the crafting store.
  • Climb up the ladder south of the stairs.
  • Follow these steps across the rooftops:
    • Walk across the plank.
    • Slide down the awning.
    • Go through the building.
    • Go across the washing line.
    • Climb the ladder.
    • Talk to Jabari.
    • Cross the planks.
    • Go up another ladder.
    • Jump from the scaffold.
    • Climb down the rug.
    • Swing across the wooden frame.
    • Jump from the scaffold to the next building.
    • Bounce across the awning to the bank.
    • Climb up the brickwork.
    • Talk to Jabari.
    • Parrot drop off the bank.
    • Run north of the bank, west of the furnace, and talk to Jabari.
    • Run north-east of the Al Kharid lodestone into a tent, and talk to Jabari.
    • Run north to the house near the north-east exit of Al Kharid, and talk to Jabari.
  • Go to the Duel Arena.

Fighting Jabari[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Combat Equipment and Food
  • Prepare to battle Jabari four times. He is level 112 and uses Magic.
  • Talk to Jabari. (Chat 1)
  • Jabari will teleport you into the centre of the arena, surrounding you with his clones.
    • Choosing the wrong Jabari will cause an explosion that damages the player and scales with level.
    • Find the real Jabari. As it is random for each player, it could be any of these:
      • The only one facing backwards
      • The only one in attack position
      • The one with the smallest sceptre
      • The largest one of them
      • The one targeted by the audience
      • The one with the correctly spelled name
      • The one with a different robe colour
      • The one without prayer renewal particles
      • The one who is not translucent
  • Talk to Het.
  • Talk to Emir Ali, in the Al Kharid throne room. (Chat 1)
  • After the cutscene, talk to Emir Ali again. (Chat 1)
  • Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Our Man in the North reward.png
Additional rewards/activities
Music unlocked

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Our Man in the North is directly required for the following quests/miniquests: