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Our Lives is a lectern that can be found in Silas's dream during Blood Runs Deep. In the dream world, reading from lecterns with books about one's life can be used to escape and return to the real world.[1][2][3] During the quest, the player tries to read from the lectern in order to leave Silas's dream, but they find that it does not work until Baba Yaga repairs it.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Ethereal Man, "Lunar Diplomacy", RuneScape. "Just use this lectern – it's the book of your life, all that has been, all that is and blank pages for all that will be. In reading this you will return your mind to reality and the continuous world."
  2. ^ Baba Yaga, "Blood Runs Deep", RuneScape. "We're here to help you get away from here. Hurry, [Player's Fremennik Name], try the lectern."
  3. ^ Baba Yaga, "Blood Runs Deep", RuneScape. "You left the dream world without a lectern, and made me come back as well! In the dreams of a fragile mind we cause more harm than good if we don't follow the rules."