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Oroshu was the khan of Falling Blossom, an island in The Bowl region of the Wushanko Isles.[1] He had over 200 wives, and is described by Zu Zu the Occultist as an 'old pervert' and 'swollen pig'.[2] Oroshu helped Zu Zu escape from the service of Quin, in exchange for her promise to marry him. He later tried to blackmail her into fulfilling this promise by stealing the ingredients needed for the ritual which would remove her immortality.

History[edit | edit source]

Zu Zu was in the employ of the powerful seasinger Quin. After discovering the secret of eternal life, Zu Zu realised that no one should get their hands on it. When Oroshu was visiting Quin, Zu Zu seduced him and he smuggled her out in his leisure barge in exchange for marrying him. During the voyage, Zu Zu picked a lock and escaped.[3]

Some time later, Zu Zu collected the three ingredients necessary in the ritual that would rid her of immortality. She gathered the final ingredient, the Blood, in Aloft Dagger. As she was returning to the ship, she was met with Oroshu and a hundred guards. Oroshu took the Blood, Body and Brain ingredients. He demanded that she travel to Falling Blossom and that she fulfil her promise of marriage to him.[4][5]

With no intention to keep her promise, Zu Zu agreed to marry him, but only if he made it a big occasion, inviting all the khans and seasingers. Unsuspecting, Oroshu sent an invite to Zu Zu's former employer, Quin.[6] In the chaos of the wedding, with the guests fighting over the Occultist, the portmaster's crew recovered the ritual ingredients. The soothsayers, former teachers of Zu Zu, were also in attendance with the aim of killing her. Discord, Quin's personal bodyguard, killed the majority of the soothsayers.[7] Oroshu was killed by either Discord or Zu Zu.[8][7][1] She managed to escape with the portmaster's crew.[7]

References[edit | edit source]

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