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Orikalkum equipment consists of tier 60 to 63 armour and weapons made from smithing orikalkum metal. Orikalkum equipment is not augmentable and is different from dragon equipment in that dragon equipment cannot be smithed from any base materials and only received as drops from monsters; however, orikalkum equipment is far lighter, with a full set of orikalkum armour (including shield) weighing 70 grams. The corresponding dragon armour weighs 26.811 kilograms.

A total of 96 Orikalkum bars is required to fully upgrade a complete set of orikalkum armour, or 112 if also upgrading the shield.

Weapons (Base)[edit | edit source]

Orikalkum warhammer.pngOrikalkum warhammerCrush8941132---
Orikalkum off hand warhammer.pngOrikalkum off hand warhammer---Crush4471132
Orikalkum 2h warhammer.pngOrikalkum 2h warhammerCrush13411132---
Orikalkum pickaxe.pngOrikalkum pickaxeCrush-110---

Armour (Base)[edit | edit source]

AttributeStyle bonus
Orikalkum full helm.pngOrikalkum full helm226.4-----
Orikalkum platebody.pngOrikalkum platebody260.3-----
Orikalkum platelegs.pngOrikalkum platelegs249-----
Orikalkum gauntlets.pngOrikalkum gauntlets56.6-----
Orikalkum armoured boots.pngOrikalkum armoured boots56.6-----
Orikalkum kiteshield.pngOrikalkum kiteshield226.4-----

History[edit | edit source]

A male player wearing full dragon armour
The dragon forge, the only known place where Dragon equipment can be smithed.

According to Dactyl Dragonkin Forcae's journal, Orikalkum is a strong, red metal from which dragon equipment was made. [1] Only the Dragonkin were known to use the metal to create dragon armour, who brought it with them from their homeworld in the Old Revision.[2] The Dragonkin seem to have brought limited quantities of the dragon equipment made from the ore to Gielinor with them after they were enslaved by Jas.

At some point, it is likely to have been smithed and smelted at the Dragon Forge in the Ancient Cavern, as it was created by the Dragonkin and is the only known place hot enough to melt down and smith the metal. While attempts have been made to melt it down through other methods, so far, none have been successful. A faction of Dragonkin known as the Necrosyrtes are believed to have either created or at least possess a large number of dragon armour and weapons.

Fairy Aeryka suggests that the Dragonkin gave the dragon equipment they smithed to people they liked, explaining why it can be found all over Gielinor. Jukat, the fairy in Zanaris selling dragon longswords and daggers, advertises that they come "straight from Frenaskrae[sic]". This would suggest that the Dragonkin may have left some dragon equipment on Freneskae. Additionally, the tormented demons have had their flesh fused with pieces of Dragon armour by Lucien, and as such the ruined pieces of their body they drop can be smithed at the Dragon Forge to create the Dragon platebody.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Orikalkum is based on the mythical metal Orichalcum, a metal associated with Atlantis and found in Plato's writings, and is also used to describe the alloy in some Roman coins. It is currently believed to be a form of brass created by the Greeks.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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  2. ^ Forcae, "Forcae's journal", RuneScape. "I will need a pure vein, but for that I will have to find a way back to our world. This curious gate seems like it could be capable of taking me there, to our world empty of [illegible]."