Orikalkum dragon

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For the dinosaur, see Orikalka.

Orikalkum dragons, also known as Dragon dragons, are mentioned as a desired creation of the Dragonkin Forcae in his journal. The required orikalkum for creating the dragons could only be found in the Dragonkin homeworld. From the journal it is unclear whether Forcae succeeded in creating these dragons, as they are mentioned only in the final entry of the journal. It is possible he perished while trying to teach his previously created rune dragons "respect", also mentioned in the final journal entry.[1] However Zanik and Meg seem to have found 'the lair of a strange metallic red dragon' when following a treasure map.[2]

In the 30th Postbag from the Hedge, "Dragon dragons" are mentioned as a "conspiracy theory" of Evil Dave and Oziach.[3] Dragon dragons are also mentioned in the Evil Dave court case by Oziach, referring to them as one of the aforementioned conspiracy theories.[4]

References[edit | edit source]

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