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In Daemonheim, you may use pickaxes of the various tiers of metal to mine ores of these same metals from rocks you may find scattered around a dungeon.

Dungeoneering Mining was not affected by the Mining and Smithing rework. Rocks can be exhausted, and additionally they do not respawn in a dungeon. Dungeoneering Mining also lacks the rock health, critical strike, rockertunities, and other mechanics brought by the rework.

There are always five potential ores in a rock, but depending on your mining level and type of pickaxe used, you may crush up to 4 of the ores, but you will get at least one ore. The higher your tier of pickaxe being used, the less likely you are to crush an ore. It is possible to get anywhere between 1 and 5 ores per rock (up to 10 if the Gatherer ring class is being used). It is possible to have multiple rocks in one room. Rocks with ore can be located in the minimap by a Mining icon which disappears when the rock is exhausted.

Below is a list of ores you can mine and pickaxes you can wield while training Dungeoneering. Ores in Daemonheim are stackable.

Opening Doors[edit | edit source]

A door requiring mining to be opened.

Mining in Dungeoneering allows players to clear rocks on certain doors that cannot be unlocked with the various keys found throughout the dungeons.

A potion may be required to increase your mining level in order to clear a door.

Pickaxes[edit | edit source]

Pickaxe Image Level Where found
Novite Novite pickaxe.png 1 Mining Smithed / Bought / Monster drop
Bathus Bathus pickaxe.png 10 Mining Smithed / Bought / Monster drop
Marmaros Marmaros pickaxe.png 20 Mining Smithed / Bought / Monster drop
Kratonite Kratonite pickaxe.png 30 Mining Smithed / Monster drop
Fractite Fractite pickaxe.png 40 Mining Smithed / Monster drop
Zephyrium Zephyrium pickaxe.png 50 Mining Smithed / Monster drop
Argonite P2P icon.png Argonite pickaxe.png 60 Mining Smithed / Monster drop
Katagon P2P icon.png Katagon pickaxe.png 70 Mining Smithed / Monster drop
Gorgonite P2P icon.png Gorgonite pickaxe.png 80 Mining Smithed / Monster drop
Promethium P2P icon.png Promethium pickaxe.png 90 Mining Smithed / Monster drop
Primal P2P icon.png Primal pickaxe.png 99 Mining Drop from Bulwark beast in Abandoned 1 floors

Ores[edit | edit source]

Ore Image Level Xp Uses Cost
Novite Novite ore.png 1 Mining 15 Used to smelt Novite bars / Summoning ingredient 525
Bathus Bathus ore.png 10 Mining 27.5 Used to smelt Bathus bars / Summoning ingredient 1,700
Marmaros Marmaros ore.png 20 Mining 41 Used to smelt Marmaros bars / Summoning ingredient 4,000
Kratonium Kratonium ore.png 30 Mining 56.5 Used to smelt Kratonium bars / Summoning ingredient 6,600
Fractite Fractite ore.png 40 Mining 71 Used to smelt Fractite bars / Summoning ingredient 12,200
Zephyrium Zephyrium ore.png 50 Mining 85 Used to smelt Zephyrium bars / Summoning ingredient 17,750
Argonite P2P icon.png Argonite ore.png 60 Mining 100.5 Used to smelt Argonite bars / Summoning ingredient 26,700
Katagon P2P icon.png Katagon ore.png 70 Mining 117 Used to smelt Katagon bars / Summoning ingredient 35,350
Gorgonite P2P icon.png Gorgonite ore.png 80 Mining 131.5 Used to smelt Gorgonite bars / Summoning ingredient 57,500
Promethium P2P icon.png Promethium ore.png 90 Mining 148 Used to smelt Promethium bars / Summoning ingredient 102,000

Temporary boosts[edit | edit source]

Potion Image Level Herb Second Ingredient XP Effect
Weak gatherer's potion Weak gatherer's potion.png 24 Herblore Clean sagewort.pngSagewort Red moss.pngRed moss 65 Boosts Woodcutting, Mining and Fishing by 3 + 2% of levels
Gatherer's potion Gatherer's potion.png 57 Herblore Clean wormwood leaf.pngWormwood leaf Red moss.pngRed moss 123.5 Boosts Woodcutting, Mining and Fishing by 4 + 4% of levels
Strong gatherer's potion Strong gatherer's potion.png 90 Herblore Clean winter's grip.pngWinter's grip Red moss.pngRed moss 234 Boosts Woodcutting, Mining and Fishing by 6 + 6% of levels