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Ore bag/Beta was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

Ore bag is an item used in the first Mining and Smithing beta. It was later replaced in the second beta (and release) by ore boxes.

Its drop option is replaced by a "Put away" option, which removes the bag from the player's inventory. It reappears in the inventory the next time the player successfully mines an ore.

It holds a varying number of ores, with different types of ore taking up different percentages of its capacity. Ores can be deposited and withdrawn at will. The space different ores take in the bag are as follows:

Ore Percent of space taken up
inside ore bag per ore
Full bag of ore
Tin ore 0.55% 182 ore
Copper ore 0.55% 182 ore
Iron ore 0.6% 167 ore
Coal 0.65% 154 ore
Mithril ore 0.7% 143 ore
Adamant ore 0.75% 134 ore
Runite ore 0.8% 125 ore
Luminite ore 0.75% 134 ore
Drakolith ore 0.85% 118 ore
Necrite ore 0.9% 112 ore
Phasmatite ore 0.9% 112 ore
Bane ore 0.95% 106 ore
Dark animica ore 0.95% 106 ore
Light animica ore 0.95% 106 ore
Living rock ore 1% 100 ore
Elder runite ore 1% 100 ore

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