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Optimus was perceived to be a second Bot Nuke originally planned for release in March, but was delayed until 3 May 2012, when Jagex implemented it.

"We're already well underway with our next generation of anti-botting software called Optimus, which is going to be released shortly, and we're also currently developing ways to remove the remaining screen-scraper bots from the game."
— Mark Gerhard RuneScape News

Game Engine & CM Q&A[edit | edit source]

Mod Philip confirmed in the Game Engine & CM Q&A of 13 April 2012 that they are working on Optimus and that they also have other things planned to stop the bots.

I can't say too much about the release date, as we don't want to tell the botters too much about how we are getting on. However, I can tell you that we are working on it at the moment, and we are hoping to be able to get rid of the bots again in the near future, and keep on kicking them while they are down, so that they can't get up again...

Optimus should help us to do this, as should some other things we are working on (it is not by any means the only trick up our sleeves). Watch this space... (sorry I can't tell you more).

— Mod Philip

In that same Q&A Mod Chris E said that Optimus is close to release and that it's related to the FPS fix as Mod Mark said earlier.

3 May 2012 update[edit | edit source]

The anticipation of Optimus being another Bot Nuke in May had led to large fluctuations of prices of various items in the RuneScape economy. Due to the increase in value of resources commonly gathered by bots, many "merchants" had sold their traditionally-held discontinued items, in hopes of gaining a profit with the uprise of resources, thereby causing a dip in the price of discontinued items.

There has been much speculation on the target of Optimus—although widely believed to be aimed at only bots, Optimus was, in fact, an update to the game engine that allowed it to be easier for Jagex to implement systematic changes.

The update on 3 May 2012 included the Optimus platform.

Hi Everyone,

Today's release has seen the introduction of the Optimus platform in place of many older build systems. As you've seen, this means that the recent performance issues have be resolved for almost all players, although there are still some engine updates being worked on to improve performance even further in various areas.

Optimus is not a change to the game engine itself, but a library that allows us to develop fixes to these sorts of issues very quickly. While today's update has already acted as another nuke to bots, it was targeted towards performance improvements and so is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bot prevention. Optimus will allow us to introduce various anti-bot measures seamlessly, regularly, and without reducing performance heavily. We also have another huge update in development along side all of this to break bots of every kind (not just 'inflection' bots). There's a lot coming in the near future; watch this space!

— Mod Jacmob, Tech Support Forum

Optimus Part 2[edit | edit source]

We cant give an exact date as it may change if we run into unforeseen circumstances however we are confident it might be this month or early next month!
— Mod Tom B , Tech Support Forum
This has caused a bit of confusion, there are two parts to optimus one part is a change to our engine that makes it more dynamic allowing us to develop off the back of it quicker and more efficiently, this part has been released however the second part of optimus is running off the back of this to beat the bots. This part has not been released yet, i hope this explains everything!
— Mod Tom B, Tech Support Forum