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Ophalmi was a fisherwoman who lived in Senntisten during the Second Age.

History[edit | edit source]

Age of the Empire[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Great Beast.

Ophalmi enjoyed fishing - her unknown sibling remarked that before she could write, she was the best fisher in her district. She became the best fisher in the city before she finished school and eventually the best in the Empire before she became of age. As her talent grew, so did her ambition, moving from swordfish to sharks, then thalassi and other stronger and rare prey. While her family benefitted from the wealth she provided, she nonetheless sought out a challenge, as she found it boring to catch everything without effort.

People tried to convince her to catch legends, but she refused to, only wanting to catch actual beings and not fiction. At some point, people came to her talking about a massive leviathan that destroyed fleets, but she shrugged them off, believing they were superstitions. The autumn after that, the Church came and confirmed to her that it was real, threatening the city's sea routes. She accepted the commission and knowing that the monster was extremely dangerous, spent a fortune getting a necronium hook and a magically enchanted rope with all five of the ancient elements before setting out with her sibling and many men.

Waiting at sea, the beast soon caught the bait with such force that everyone but her was terrified that they would die. Ophalmi was instead eager to take the challenge and fought the beast, locked into a battle that lasted for days as both sides sought to win. Ophalmi's will proved stronger than the beast's and she was able to bring it close enough for the men to kill it with harpoons. However, she soon died after it, for the battle had taken all of her strength. Nonetheless, she was hailed a hero and given the title "Catcher of the Crassian", buried at the heroic section of Senntisten's graveyard.

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