Oops! Wrong Tunnel!

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Oops! Wrong Tunnel! is an achievement that requires the player to wear full H.A.M. robes when entering the Warforge.

Outfit price[edit | edit source]

The outfit consists of the following items:

Item Name GE Price
H.A.M. hood.png H.A.M. hood 127 coins (update)
H.A.M. shirt.png H.A.M. shirt 65 coins (update)
H.A.M. robe.png H.A.M. robe 32 coins (update)
H.A.M. gloves.png H.A.M. gloves 121 coins (update)
H.A.M. boots.png H.A.M. boots 50 coins (update)
H.A.M. cloak.png H.A.M. cloak 77 coins (update)
H.A.M. logo.png H.A.M. logo 410 coins (update)