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Onyx bolt tips are attached to the tips of runite bolts and Bakriminel bolts. Once onyx bolt tips have been attached, the runite bolts become onyx bolts, while the bakriminel bolts become onyx bakriminel bolts. These onyx and bakriminel bolts may be enchanted with level 87 Magic to become onyx bolts (e) and onyx bakriminel bolts (e) respectively.

Onyx bolt tips can be created at level 73 Fletching to cut an onyx into 24 onyx bolt tips. However, this is not recommended, as 24 onyx bolt tips cost 180264 coins, while a cut onyx costs 1208400 coins. They can then be attached to a rune bolt, granting 9.4 Fletching experience per tip attached.

Six onyx bolt tips can be combined with a luck potion at 77 Herblore to create an enhanced luck potion, granting 178 Herblore experience.

Onyx bolt tips are dropped by various monsters. TzHaar can drop bolt tips, but it is not recommended to kill them for it due to their poor drop table and "rare" drop rate. Other high levelled monsters should be killed instead as they drop more bolt tips at a much more common rate.

Onyx bolt tips are also a possible clue scroll reward from elite clues, and a possible loot from a ninja impling and a Kingly Impling.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Onyx bolt tips 5.png Onyx bolt tips ×24
Fletching-Make-X GE icon.png
9.4 XP-180,264
Fletching Fletching level73
P2P icon.png Members onlyYes

Store locations[edit | edit source]

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SellerLocationCostCurrencyBase stockMembers?
TzHaar-Hur-Lek's Ore and Gem StoreTzHaar City13,500Tokkul 25.png Tokkul50P2P icon.png

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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Abomination Multicombat.png8UncommonP2P icon.png
Acheron mammoth135 Multicombat.png3–91/32P2P icon.png
Black stone dragon2500 Multicombat.png50–75Uncommon(1/25)[dr 1]P2P icon.png
Blood nihil160 Multicombat.png8UncommonP2P icon.png
Brutish dinosaur164 Multicombat.png1–2UncommonP2P icon.png
Bulbous crawler140 Multicombat.png8–12UncommonP2P icon.png
Camel Warrior132 Multicombat.png6–10CommonP2P icon.png
Corrupted kalphite guardian110 Multicombat.png1UncommonP2P icon.png
Corrupted kalphite marauder110 Multicombat.png1UncommonP2P icon.png
Crystal impling95 Hunter-icon.png16UncommonP2P icon.png
Crystal impling jarN/A Reward16UncommonP2P icon.png
Dragonstone dragon (Dragonkin Laboratory)111 Multicombat.png40–50RareP2P icon.png
Elite rune dragon130 Multicombat.png16CommonP2P icon.png
Hydrix dragon133 Multicombat.png1–2UncommonP2P icon.png
Hydrix dragon (Dragonkin Laboratory)118 Multicombat.png40–50RareP2P icon.png
Ice nihil160 Multicombat.png8UncommonP2P icon.png
Imperial mage akh130 Multicombat.png2CommonP2P icon.png
Imperial ranger akh130 Multicombat.png2CommonP2P icon.png
Imperial warrior akh130 Multicombat.png2CommonP2P icon.png
Kingly impling91 Hunter-icon.png1–75RareP2P icon.png
Kingly impling jarN/A Reward1–75RareP2P icon.png
Legio Primus304 Multicombat.png1–11UncommonP2P icon.png
Legio Quartus304 Multicombat.png1–11UncommonP2P icon.png
Legio Quintus304 Multicombat.png1–11UncommonP2P icon.png
Legio Secundus304 Multicombat.png1–11UncommonP2P icon.png
Legio Sextus304 Multicombat.png1–11UncommonP2P icon.png
Legio Tertius304 Multicombat.png1–11UncommonP2P icon.png
Nex: Angel of Death7000 Multicombat.png72–893/45P2P icon.png
Ninja impling74 Hunter-icon.png4RareP2P icon.png
Ninja impling jarN/A Reward4RareP2P icon.png
Onyx dragon126 Multicombat.png1CommonP2P icon.png
Onyx dragon (Dragonkin Laboratory)114 Multicombat.png40–50RareP2P icon.png
Queen Black Dragon900 Multicombat.png30UncommonP2P icon.png
Rune dragon127 Multicombat.png86/128P2P icon.png
Seeker86 Multicombat.png1–2RareP2P icon.png
Shadow nihil160 Multicombat.png8UncommonP2P icon.png
Smoke nihil160 Multicombat.png8UncommonP2P icon.png
Solak2000 Multicombat.png128–165UncommonP2P icon.png
Soulgazer128 Multicombat.png1–2UncommonP2P icon.png
Soulgazer (elite)135 Multicombat.png1–2RareP2P icon.png
Telos, the Warden Standard2000 Multicombat.png107–1,443VariesP2P icon.png
The Ambassador5500 Multicombat.png53–101CommonP2P icon.png
The Magister899 Multicombat.png25UncommonP2P icon.png
TokHaar-Hur100; 112 Multicombat.png1RareP2P icon.png
TokHaar-Ket119; 180 Multicombat.png3RareP2P icon.png
TokHaar-Ket Champion105; 112 Multicombat.png4RareP2P icon.png
TokHaar-Ket-Zek112; 400 Multicombat.png7RareP2P icon.png
TokHaar-Mej119; 160 Multicombat.png2RareP2P icon.png
TokHaar-Tok-Xil119; 200 Multicombat.png5RareP2P icon.png
TokHaar-Xil119; 140 Multicombat.png2RareP2P icon.png
TzHaar-Hur86; 98 Multicombat.png1RareP2P icon.png
TzHaar-Ket86 Multicombat.png1–4Very rareP2P icon.png
TzHaar-Mej86 Multicombat.png1UncommonP2P icon.png
TzHaar-Xil86 Multicombat.png1UncommonP2P icon.png
Veil-ripper Ozharakha135 Multicombat.png2RareP2P icon.png
Wyvern127 Multicombat.png4–617/128P2P icon.png
Wyvern (elite)133 Multicombat.png4–6UncommonP2P icon.png
  1. ^ This source has further information about this drop, see the Black stone dragon page for details

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