Once Upon a Time

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Not to be confused with Once Upon a Slime.

Once Upon a Time is a four-part miniquest series released as part of RuneScape's 20th Anniversary celebrations.

Miniquests[edit | edit source]

Foreshadowing[edit | edit source]

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Celebration rings out from the Blue Moon Inn, a gathering to honour the tales of The World Guardian led by the ever faithful groupie of Sliske, Relomia, Emissary of Sliske. She offers the hero a special hat and brew of her own creation for this special occasion, a toast later she begins her tales, as she personally recounts her adventures saving those across Gielinor. Chopping the head of the three headed Green Dragon, using Darklight to banish Delrith and finally the time she staked Count Draynor with an iron flock. The player quickly comes to understand that the two of you must have switched personalities, as everyone in the bar take Relomia to be the player, they recount the true events and the other towns people agree, Relomia gets angry and attackes the player sending them to Death who greets them assuming them to be her. You convince Death of your true identity and work with Closure to break the spell that's been created. Using a contract and glammer from Closure, you convince Relomia to sign the contract breaking the illusion, angry at Sliske leaving her alone and the player foiling this plan she takes off, mentioning that this was not her only plan and has more for the future.