On the Wings of Air

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On the Wings of Air is a music track that is unlocked during the magic carpet ride to Menaphos during the Jack of Spades quest.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

This music track has a constant tempo of 95, and is in the key of F#/Gb Minor. It starts with the flute and harp playing an ascending melody, then the flute fades and the RuneScape theme song comes in on the flute accompanied by the bass and percussion.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • On its release, this track couldn't be played correctly; no music could be heard when it was played.
  • This music track is an arrangement of the RuneScape theme song in the key of F# or Gb Minor, which is just 1 semitone lower than Scape Main, which has a key signature of G Minor.
  • Despite being an arrangement of the RuneScape theme song, it does not follow the traditional naming of including "Scape" in the title.
  • This track can be unlocked by free players during or after the Stolen Hearts quest during the rooftop parcour, on the very top of Zeke's Superior Scimitars shop. This is probably a bug as the magic carpet ride starts on the same floor in the palace.
    • It cannot be unlocked before reaching the point in the quest where a different way into the palace is needed as the ladder in Dommik's Crafting Store leading to the roof, the start of the parcour, only appears after talking to the guard who refuses to let you and Ozan in.