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The Old man's message is an item as used in several tasks that members could do for the Wise Old Man of Draynor Village. A player must deliver the message to a variety of NPCs around RuneScape, including:

Upon the delivery of the message, the player will be rewarded by the recipient.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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The Oracle

To the Oracle of Ice Mountain, greetings:

My sources tell me that many adventurers are becoming confused about one of your riddles.

When asked to find a BOWL that has not seen heat, a large number of adventurers assume that a POT will suffice. Of course, this has no effect, so they send complaints about you to the Council.

Strength through Wisdom!



To Reldo, librarian to the King of Varrock, greetings:

I have spent many hours pondering the question you asked me in your recent letter. From the results seen so far, this new method of refining metals from their ores possesses the potential to revolutionise smithing, although I fear that the vast majority of smiths will never fully adapt to the new technique.

Please keep an eye out for any documents that might be of interest to me, as always.


Abbot Langley

To Langley, Abbot of the Monastery of Saradomin, greetings:

Long has it been since out last meeting, my friend, too long. Truly we are living in tumultuous times, and the foul works of Zamorak can be seen across the lands. Indeed, I hear a whisper from the south that the power of the Terrible One has been rediscovered! But be of good cheer, my friend, for we are all in the hands of the Lord Saradomin.

Until our next meeting, then,

* D


To Thurgo, master blacksmith, greetings:

Following your request, I have spend some time re-reading the relevant scrolls in the Library of Varrock. It appears that when your forefathers encountered that adventurer, he was on a quest to find a mysterious shield.

Many thanks for the recipe you sent me; I shall certainly try this 'redberry pie' of which you speak so highly.



High Priest

To the High Priest of Entrana: greetings.

To respond to your recent questions about the effects of summoning the power of Saradomin, I have spent some time searching through the scrolls of Kolodion the battle mage. He records that a bolt of lightning falls from above, accompanied by a resounding crash, and the victim loses up to 200 life points; however, he believed that this could be increased by 50% should one be wearing the Cape of Saradomin and be charged when casting the spell.

Fare thee well, my young friend,


Father Lawrence

To Lawrence, resident priest of Varrock, greetings:

Despite our recent conversation on this matter, I hear that you are still often found in a less than sober condition. I am forced to repeat the warning I gave you at the time: if you continue to indulge yourself in this manner, the Council will have no choice but to transfer you to Entrana where you can be supervised more carefully.

I trust you will heed this message.


Father Aereck

To Aereck, resident priest of Lumbridge, greetings:

I am pleased to inform you that, following a careful search, the staff of the seminary have located your pyjamas.

Before returning them to you, however, they would be very interested to know exactly how these garments came to be in the graveyard.

Please pass on my regards to Urhney.


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