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The old man is a pale old man found in the shipwreck northwest of Port Phasmatys. When he was 12, he left his mother and joined a band of pirates as a cabin boy.[1] At some point, he and the crew attacked Port Phasmatys, taking the book of haricanto.[2] The ship later crashed and the captain died in his seat. The man became delusional, taking orders from the skeleton and claiming that they were just waiting for the right time to set sail. When an adventurer presented him with his old toy boat, he handed over the key to the chest containing the book, then waited for his mother to come collect him.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Old crone, "Ghosts Ahoy", RuneScape. "He was about twelve years old when he ran away with some pirates to be a cabin boy. I never saw him again."
  2. ^ Velorina, "Ghosts Ahoy", RuneScape. "[The book of haricanto] was stolen when our port was raided by pirates many years ago, and never seen since."