Old Saradominist calendar

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Interrogation rota interface

The old Saradominist calendar is a seven day week, with the day names:

  • Ivanday
  • Caistleday
  • Duneday
  • Gullday
  • Erysail
  • Twiblick
  • Essianday

Each day's name is taken from the name of one of the Seven Priestly Warriors.

The calendar is shown during The Chosen Commander on a noticeboard in Sigmund's base, where it is used in an interrogation rota.[1] Ivan Strom also mentions the calendar during River of Blood.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ H.A.M. guard, "The Chosen Commander", RuneScape. "I've drawn up a rota assigning a different interrogator to each day of the week, using the old Saradominist calendar. You can only come in if you show me the letter corresponding to that day of the week."
  2. ^ Ivan Strom, "River of Blood", RuneScape. "The key thing I know about the Seven Priestly Warriors is that we used to name the days of the week after them."