Occupation of Paterdomus

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The Occupation of Paterdomus is a conflict occurring in year 169 of the Fifth Age. The conflict occurred after attacking Monks of Zamorak stormed the Saradominist temple of Paterdomus, which lies on the border of Misthalin and Morytania, in a narrow mountain-pass called Silvarea.

The Zamorakians broke through the doors and killed the majority of the Temple's residents with little resistance from the hapless Saradominist defenders. Drezel, the only known Saradominist survivor, was imprisoned in the upper levels of the building, next to a coffin containing a vampyre that the Zamorakians had brought. Two other members of the order, Ulizius and Hiylik Myna, were away on business at the time of the attack.

Following the battle, the Zamorakians took up residence in the Temple, calling themselves the Zamorakian Order of Paterdomus, and set about disgracing the lower floors of the Temple, throwing cloth over statues and busts of Saradomin and knocking over altars and other valuable relics. The Zamorakians occupied the temple until the end of the Sanguinesti Liberation War, though it was known that certain monks attempted to retake the church.

The battle inadvertently aided the beginning of the covert Sanguinesti Liberation War.