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The Obsidian Tribunal is an otherworldly faction first mentioned by Zaros during Sliske's Endgame if the player loses to Saradomin in the race for the Stone of Jas. Virtually nothing is known about the Tribunal, save that they are not a god,[1] and they control a host of worlds, on one of which they held Adrasteia, Saradomin's daughter. Nex kidnapped Adrasteia from the Tribunal so Zaros could use her as a bargaining chip if Saradomin won the Stone.[2] A number of the worlds the Tribunal controls are tomb worlds - the world Adrasteia was held on is one of them.[3]

Three agents of the Tribunal are found near the end of The Shadow Reef: Eye of Cythan, Maw of Kolthregar, and Hand of Dagnath, who were sent by Agnes, who holds a leadership position within the Tribunal, to assist The Ambassador with his ritual. Kranon distrusted the tribunal, believing that they saw themselves above his methods.[4] Likewise, the agents held a low opinion of Kranon, believing him to be an "arrogant fool with dangerous aspirations." Despite this, they cooperated with defending the ritual and believed that it would weaken a "veil" so they could be heard by their master.[5] All three agents were slain by the World Guardian shortly before Kranon himself was defeated.

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References[edit | edit source]

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