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Members can grow their own oak trees at level 15 Farming by planting an oak sapling in a tree patch, giving 14 experience for planting the sapling and a further 467.3 experience when the tree is fully grown. A nearby Gardener will ask for a full basket of tomatoes in payment for ensuring that the player’s tree will not die while growing. If buying the acorn (seed) and tomatoes on the Grand Exchange, it will cost about 3,283 coins per tree. After 160 minutes (2 hours, 40 minutes) the tree is fully grown. It can be chopped as normal, and will also grow back normally when it is chopped down. Alternatively, once chopped down, it can be dug up using a spade, yielding some oak roots in the process.

Farming[edit | edit source]

Oak logs.png Oak (Farming)
Acorn 5.png AcornOak seedling.png Oak seedlingOak sapling.png Oak saplingOak logs.png Oak (Farming)
Farming experience
1.2 XP14 XP467.3 XP37.5 XPWoodcutting-icon.png
LevelPatchSeeds per plantProtection cost
15 Farming-icon.pngTree patch1x Acorn 5.png Acorn1x Tomatoes (5).png: RS3 Inventory image of Tomatoes (5)Tomatoes (5)
Hourglass.png Growth time
CyclesCycle lengthTotal time
440 Minutes2 Hours 40 Minutes
Oak logs.png Oak logs1 - 56625625 - 35,000
Oak roots.png Oak roots1954954

Growth Stages[edit | edit source]

Healthy Oak tree
Stage Description Image
1 The acorn sapling has only just been planted. Click for a larger image
2 The acorn sapling grows larger. Click for a larger image
3 The oak tree produces a small canopy. Click for a larger image
4 The oak tree grows larger. Click for a larger image
5 The oak tree is ready to harvest. Click for a larger image
6 {{{stage6}}} N/A
7 {{{stage7}}} N/A
8 {{{stage8}}} N/A
9 {{{stage9}}} N/A
10 {{{stage10}}} N/A
11 {{{stage11}}} N/A
12 {{{stage12}}} N/A

Loot[edit | edit source]

Main[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ When digging up the tree after it has been cut down.

Nests loot table[edit | edit source]

Bird's nests have a chance of falling out of this tree.
At level 24 Hunter, wearing a strung rabbit foot gives a better chance of getting a drop.
At level 80 Woodcutting, wearing a tree-shaking scrimshaw will increase the chance by 300%.
At level 80 Woodcutting, wearing a superior tree-shaking scrimshaw will increase the chance by 400%.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • ninja 8 December 2014 (Update):
    • The growth stages for oak trees in Farming patches have been graphically updated.