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Description: Cutting oak logs
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Oak trees require level 15 Woodcutting to chop down. They are quite common, and you can find them in many places. Oak trees are easy to chop, give multiple oak logs before being cut down, and grow back quickly, taking 13 seconds to re-spawn.

Oak logs cut from these trees can be used to make oak planks, and these planks are very useful for training Construction. As a result chopping oak trees has become a fair source of income for both low-level to high-levelled players, who may chop these trees to sell the logs at the Grand Exchange for a fair amount of coins.

They are the lowest level common type of tree capable of giving more than one log before being cut down. However, the absolute lowest level tree that gives multiple logs is the rare scrapey tree, and normal trees can be affected by the influence of Leprechaun's magic or a Seer's headband to give multiples also.

Woodcutting info[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Good locations to cut down oak trees include:

Farming[edit | edit source]

Main article: Oak (Farming)

Loot[edit | edit source]

Main[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Number of logs obtained per successful action.
  2. ^ Only rolled when successfully cutting a log while Sana's fyrtorch is used.

Nests loot table[edit | edit source]

Bird's nests have a chance of falling out of this tree.
At level 24 Hunter, wearing a strung rabbit foot gives a better chance of getting a drop.
At level 80 Woodcutting, wearing a tree-shaking scrimshaw will increase the chance by 300%.
At level 80 Woodcutting, wearing a superior tree-shaking scrimshaw will increase the chance by 400%.

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