Numinous Witchery Supplies Ltd.

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Numinous Witchery Supplies Ltd. is a company which specialises in magical products, such as newts and toads, for witches and other mages. They appear to be based in Morytania and use ghouls as delivery workers. They claim ownership over all delivery items until said items are fully delivered.[1]

Gus, a non-violent ghoul with above-average brain function for his race, regularly crosses the River Salve as part of his delivery work for Numinous Witchery Supplies Ltd. He delivered three crates of toads and newts to Hetty, but got the labels mixed up and had to seek outside help in affixing the correct labels.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Gus, "Swept Away", RuneScape. "I'm afraid that these newts and toads are the property of Numinous Magical Supplies Ltd up until the time that they have been properly delivered."