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For this item's augmented variant, see augmented noxious scythe.
For this item's dyed variants, see blood, Ice, Shadow, Barrows, Third Age.
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The noxious scythe is a level 90 two-handed melee weapon that can be created at level 90 Crafting by combining a spider leg with Araxxi's fang, both of which are obtained by fighting Araxxor and Araxxi. It is currently the second most powerful two-handed melee weapon outside of Daemonheim, only surpassed by the Zaros godsword. It has the same attack range and mechanics as a halberd. It requires level 90 Attack to wield.

The scythe will degrade to a broken state after 60,000 charges of combat (but loses 2 charges per hit, so has a minimum duration of 5 hours of combat). It can be fixed by Repair NPCs such as Bob in Lumbridge, or at an armour stand in a player-owned house. A full repair, without discounts, costs 4,500,000 coins.

Creating a noxious scythe by buying a spider leg yields a profit of 22,842,381 coins.

During Dishonour among Thieves, the player apparition can wield a noxious scythe during the first phase.

The noxious scythe may be augmented using the Invention skill.

Repair cost[edit | edit source]

The base repair cost of the Noxious scythe when completely degraded to 0.0% item charge is 4,500,000 coins. It can be repaired by:

Alternatively, it can be repaired on an armour stand in a player-owned house, or a whetstone device anywhere. This provides a discount of 0.5% per Smithing level (including boosts).

If it is only partially degraded, then the cost of a full repair is multiplied by the percentage of item charge that needs to be repaired to produce the current repair cost.

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Creation[edit | edit source]

Noxious scythe.png Noxious scythe
Crafting-Hourglass.pngMake-X GE icon.png
1,000 XP-?179,579,032
Crafting Crafting level90
P2P icon.png Members only
Araxxi's fang.pngAraxxi's fang1N/A-
Spider leg top.pngSpider leg top1N/A-
Spider leg middle.pngSpider leg middle1N/A-
Spider leg bottom.pngSpider leg bottom1N/A-

Special attack[edit | edit source]

A player performing the Mirrorback special attack with the Noxious Staff equipped

The Noxious scythe has a special attack named Mirrorback, which requires full adrenaline and will summon a mirrorback spider to aid the player. While active, the spider will reduce damage from attacks against the player by 50%, and reflect that damage to the attacker, but it will also be damaged for an equal amount. For instance, if the player is hit by an attack that deals 1000 damage, both the player and the spider take 500 damage, and the attacker receives 500 points of deflection damage. This will last for ten seconds or until the spider loses all 10,000 of its life points, whichever comes first. This special attack does not work against certain attacks, and also cannot deflect damage back to attackers that are immune to deflection damage.

Dyed[edit | edit source]

The noxious scythe can be given a shadow, Third-Age, barrows, blood or ice dye for a cosmetic look. A warning message is given when attempting to dye a plain noxious scythe. Once the dye is applied, the scythe becomes permanently untradeable.

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Comparison with other melee weapons[edit | edit source]

Two-handed[edit source]

Dual-wield[edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 22 September 2014 (Update):
    • Some errors in calculating damage values have been fixed with two-handed weapons.
  • patch 23 March 2010 (Update):
    • Corrected the player animations when attacking with a scythe.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Even though the item has a broken inventory sprite, when dropped, it will still look the same as if it was not broken.
  • From its release date to the release of Raids (and two-handed weapon changes), the scythe's range was changed from normal melee distance to that of a halberd.