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Notes (M-Z) is Zemouregal's analysis of the Mahjarrat coming later in the alphabet. It can be found in Zemouregal's study in New Varrock palace, which requires a Vial of orange mist to access.

These notes are for the alternate dimension in which the player does not exist, and are therefore much different from Zemouregal's notes (notes (a-j) and notes (k-z)) found in the main realm of Gielinor.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Notes (M-Z).

A cowardly imperialist, seemingly obsessed with architecture and sewage.

Somehow he survived in the wild for thousands of years after the downfall of the empire he remain loyal to, the last of his kind not banished, forgotten or imprisoned. With no allies, he was apprehended easily at the 15th Ritual of Rejuvenation and sacrificed.


A mongrel and impure spawn of Lucien, Moia is a half-human wretch who represents a dead-end in the future of our race. Her current whereabouts are unknown and unimportant.


A twisted fusion of hydra, virius, dragon and Mahjarrat. Nex was created at the height of the empire by its unholy ruler and served as champion and general. Becoming stronger with every victory, Nex was undefeated on the battlefield for centuries, even long after the fall of the empire.

She was finally sealed away in the Temple of Lost Ancients during the Third Age.

Thousands of years later, the Temple of Lost Ancients was rediscovered and the forces within resumed their age-old battle, but remained locked in an impasse. The stalemate was broken when the newly appointed chosen commander of Bandos arrived and assumed control of the war god's forces.

Under new leadership the forces of Bandos slowly pushed back their enemies, finally seizing the pieces of the 'Godsword' they fought over, using the reforged weapons to attain final victory.

The Chosen Commander, overconfident in victory, then discovered and opened the ancient prison beneath the temple, and was immediately slain by the released Nex. Nex's whereabouts, and that of the Godsword, are currently unknown.


A noble matron of the Mahjarrat race, it is doubtless Palkeera from whom General Khazard inherited his finer qualities. Palkeera died under unknown circumstances soon after General Khazard's birth - a tragic loss for the Mahjarrat race, and for the world.


An ugly, cowardly Mahjarrat who sided with the rebels during the civil war not because he believed in our cause, but because he was too scared to stand against us. Ultimately, he never had the stomach to make the decisions and take the actions that a Mahjarrat needs to. With the death of the last known imperialist at the 16th Ritual of Rejuvenation, Ralvash was an easy choice for sacrifice at the 17th.


A mysterious figure even at the height of empire, for many centuries, Sliske's objectives and loyalties remain obscure. At rituals he used political influence and his mastery of the Shadow Realm to evade sacrifice without ever outright allying himself with the dominant faction.

During the 18th Ritual of Rejuvenation, Sliske finally revealed that he had been loyal to the rebels all along, and had maintained his guise of neutrality only to deceive the remaining imperialists. Sliske is currently attempting to locate the Staff of Armadyl and Stone of Jas, while avoiding the fate that befell Lucien.


A rebel whose true loyalties had been called into question, Wahisietel was finally proven to be a secret imperialist with decisive evidence presented by Splended Zemouregal himself during 18th Ritual of Rejuvenation. Enraged by his deception, the Mahjarrat present immediately chose the cowardly traitor and he was duly sacrificed.


A long-forgotten Mahjarrat who led a successful rebellion against an ancient empire, but then passed beyond this world, never to return.

Though once Zamorak was the leading force uniting all truly loyal Mahjarrat together, the rise of Awe-Inspiring Zemouregal has allowed this semi-mythical figure to pass into memory.

We will not forget him, but we will move beyond him.

Zemouregal, Amazing

Wise teacher, noble ruler, rightful heir of Freneskae and Gielinor, liberator from tyranny, champion of the oppressed, conqueror of kingdoms.

What can be written of Amazing Zemouregal which has not already been said a hundred times by his loyal and worshipful subjects?

A hundred thousand praises be upon him!

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