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Notes (A-L) is Zemouregal's analysis of the Mahjarrat coming earlier in the alphabet. You can find in in Zemouregal's study in New Varrock, which requires a Vial of orange mist to access.

These notes are for the alternate dimension in which the player does not exist, and are therefore much different from Zemouregal's notes (notes (a-j) and notes (k-z)) found in the main realm of Gielinor.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Notes (A-L).
Foreword by Arrav, hero of Avarrocka

Mighty Zemouregal truly is the greatest Mahjarrat who ever lived, nay, the greatest being who ever lived on this or any other world. This book is the finest work of non-fiction known to civilisation. I, Arrav of Avarrocka, write this foreword of my own free will and am definitely not under the mental control of Fantastic Zemouregal.


A laughable imperialist idiot in the habit of wearing the head of a camel, Akthanakos was lost for some time until Lazim and the heroic scholars of the Hereditas expedition discovered him sealed inside Enakhra's temple.

Still proclaiming his continued loyalty to his long-dead liege, Akthanakos is safely held in custody in a secure location, awaiting his fate at the 19th Ritual of Rejuvenation.


A lifetime ago, the foolish Azzandra was one of the most powerful Mahjarrat on Freneskae, but quickly squandered his potential by chaining his fate to the Dark Imperator and serving as his lapdog.

Azzandra was defeated and imprisoned at the end of Third Age and still lies where he was placed. When needed for a future ritual, he can be easily recovered at any time.


A timid and insipid being, Bilrach disappeared during the Fourth Age.

Recent intelligence places him at an icy peninsula east of Forinthry.

The Hereditas expedition have begun to explore the ruined dungeons of the area, with little success.

Dark Imperator, The

In times past Gielinor was united in a single, massive empire which spread from Forinthry to Menaphos. The Dark Imperator oversaw this great nation as God-Emperor from his temple at Senntisten, and the symbol of his authority was the Many-Headed Throne. A great creature - both god and beast - who had grown wise and mighty on a diet of many souls. The Mahjarrat served as his most powerful soldiers and servants.

Eventually the strongest Mahjarrat united in rebellion behind a great leader. The Dark Imperator was slain with the Staff of Armadyl and ancient magicks, and the leader thus became a god and passed from this world. Now thousands of years have passed and the empire has crumbled, and the only sign of the Dark Imperator's passing are the fragments of his petrified body in New Varrock's museum.


A truly irrational and imbecilic Mahjarrat who lived as an insane hermit in the desert for thousands of years, erecting vain monuments to a best-forgotten leader.

The Hereditas expedition discovered her refuge, and extended to her offer to take place she deserved at the right hand of Wondrous Zemouregal. Declining this tremendous honour, she attacked the expedition members and fled into the desert.


A staunch ally, honourable warrior, wise leader and rightful ruler of the Kingdom of Ardougne.

Wrongfully and treacherously murdered and imprisoned, King Hazeel languished for a time in torpor before eventually being revivified by his still-loyal followers and the decisive intervention of the heroic Philipe Carnillean.

Were King Hazeel to accept the proposed treaty between New Varrock and Ardougne, it would greatly strengthen both kingdoms and substantially increase the wealth and power of their rulers. Surely such a wise and noble leader will soon see fit to do so.


A pathetic weakling, Jhallan declined to attend the 17th Ritual of Rejuvenation and as a consequence, presumably completely slipped into torpor. The Hereditas expedition are still attempting to locate him for use in future rituals.


A loyal subject of King Hazeel of Ardougne, and the general of his armies. General Khazard is the youngest Mahjarrat on Gielinor, having been born towards the end of the God Wars, shortly before the death of his mother, Palkeera. Under King Hazeel's wise and noble tutelage, he will doubtless overcome his shortcomings and come to truly represent the future of our race.


Missing for centuries, in early 170 Kharshai reappeared during an ill-fated attempted invasion of New Varrock at the head of a small band of barbarian savages. He continue to protest his feigned neutrality and was tried and convicted on charges of treason, cowardice and war crimes.

He is currently held in long-term custody, in preparation for the 21st Ritual of Rejuvenation.


A mere footnote in the epic that is the history of Remarkable Zemouregal, Lamistard was a cowardly and unpopular Mahjarrat known for his analytical ability and chicanery. He expired, not a moment before his time, in the 16th Ritual of Rejuvenation.


A pompous and overbearing oaf who was tolerated merely because of his blood ties to Magnificent Zemouregal. Lucien spent years searching for the artefacts known as the Staff of Armadyl and the Stone of Jas. He finally recovered them, and embarked on a rampage of destruction, destroying many human organisations such as the Crux Eqal and the Temple Knights.

During the 19th Ritual of Rejuvenation, expecting to dominate the proceedings with his powerful artefacts, Lucien was attacked and destroyed by previously unheard-of creatures known as Dragonkin led by a being named Kerapac. The current whereabouts of the Stone are unknown.

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