Note from Ingram

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The note from Ingram was released on 27 October 2014 with the release of the Broken Home quest. It can be read by searching a desk within the mansion. It contains notes made by Ingram, the owner of the house featured in the quest.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Note from Ingram.

This must be how Ormod's staff felt, all those years ago, as he hunted them from room to room and slew them one by one.

Now he repeats that macabre dance once more and my staff and I are his unwilling partners.

There is no way out. All the doors and windows are sealed, made lethal by his fury.

There is a second ghost. A little boy. I believe this to be Ormod's son whom he lost to some tragedy. Perhaps the son holds the key to the father, but I cannot communicate with him.

I have one hope. There is a sealed door in the basement. Perhaps it leads to an escape, or perhaps there is something down there which can put the old ghost to rest.