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Not to be confused with Nora.

Nora T. Hagg is a witch and the second cousin twice-removed of Miazrqa.[1][2] She plays a central role in the quest, Witch's House, and can be found in her home south of Taverley.

She is a Zamorakian and due to the level of affection she developed for the grotesque creations arising from the experiments she conducts, prefers to keep to herself in order to prevent their discovery, likely as a means to protect them.[3][4][5][6]

As a result of her need for privacy, she had advanced security measures installed within her own home with the help of Professor Oddenstein and has an antagonistic relationship with Harvey, whom she detests and terrorizes for kicking his ball into her garden frequently.[3][7][8][9][10][11]

Witch's House[edit | edit source]

Players have to sneak past Nora in her own garden to get Harvey's ball as it was placed in the garden shed after she got angry from Harvey repeatedly kicking it into her garden.[10] In the shed, a battle ensues with Fritz, one of Nora's experiments, in order to obtain the ball. Once slain, the ball can be picked up and returned to Harvey.

Subsequent excerpts from her well-kept diary shows her despair at the murder of Fritz, and her plot to get revenge against the adventurer whom assisted Harvey and killed her pet experiment.[12]

Grim Tales[edit | edit source]

Although she does not play an active role, she was the driving force behind the capture of Rupert the Beard by Miazrqa after becoming suspicious of him for snooping around while investigating the disappearance of his friend, whom Nora kidnapped for their refusal to share the spell to shrink Ogleroots as it was needed to feed her experiments, in addition to being a secondary component for the Shrink-me-quick potion she concocted.[13][14][15]

Dialogue with Miazrqa during the quest further reveals the close relations Nora shares with her, as well as the witch's protectiveness of her creations.[16][17][18]

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King Raddallin
King Vallance
Nora T. Hagg
Prince Anlaf

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her name, when pronounced, sounds similar to "naughty hag". It could also be said as "Nora the Hag", an obvious reference to her being a witch.
  • Her appearance and examine text were updated on 11 September 2017, along with a graphical rework of her house. Her previous examine text was: Distinctly witch-like.

References[edit | edit source]

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