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Noclipping is the ability to walk through barriers such as walls. This glitch was called the noclip glitch because it let you do almost everything actual noclipping did. Jagex Moderators can noclip if necessary.

Discovery[edit | edit source]

Around July 2008, the noclip glitch was discovered by players that allowed them to go past almost any barrier in RuneScape. The players who discovered the glitch promptly told one of their friends how it was done, who later popularised the bug with several videos. The glitch was performed by abusing a bug in the Fishing Trawler that allowed a player to be teleported 150 spaces west or east from outside of the trawler. It was used to do several major bugs such as buying a Cape of legends from the Legends' Guild without having done the Legends' Quest or getting into areas that were normally inaccessible.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

A player inside the Grand Exchange fountain.

The glitch was patched on or a couple weeks before 11 November 2008 with the release of Stealing Creation.

Jagex did have to patch the Legends' Guild so players who did not complete the quest could not buy a cape of legends and also patched several items that assisted in performing the glitch. Ultimately only a few players abused the bug. A couple were banned for blatantly using the bug, but most players who did it were not affected due to lack of evidence. One of the players originally banned had reportedly had their ban lifted but was banned later for repeated bug abuse.

Another instance of noclipping occurred in January 2009 on World 9. Players were able to move freely as far north as Falador, and as far south as Port Sarim. Players could also visit Tutorial Island. Shortly after the discovery of the noclip glitch Mod Hulme, member of QA, arrived in-game to verify and deploy a hotfix to patch the noclip glitch.

Other instances of noclip[edit | edit source]

Other forms of noclipping have been discovered but they were not as significant as the Fishing Trawler incident and were leaked and patched very quickly.

  • In April 2009, a bug was discovered with an activity in the Warriors' Guild that let you walk through walls. Unlike the previous noclip, this one could not be used to get to areas like Prifddinas. This was quickly leaked and patched within a week. This bug was done by walking onto the catapult square whilst not wearing the shield and also spamming a stackable interface, which would stall the movement of being pushed off the square until all interfaces were closed. The player could teleport to a destination and close the interfaces to reach inaccessible areas.
  • In May 2009, a bug that let you walk through walls in the quest Smoking Kills was discovered that was very similar to the bug in the Warriors' Guild. This was also leaked and patched very quickly.
  • In September 2009, a minor bug was discovered with an update that came to have border guards letting you in to places, such as Barbarian Village or where the Outlaws are. This could only be done outside the Grand Exchange, where the border guards were letting you pass to where the Outlaws are, west of the Grand Exchange. The player would go on the south-west wall to the Border Guards and, if clicked right, "noclipped" into the eastern guard, then walked to a square behind the western guard, and, if running, was automatically put inside the south-western corner of the Grand Exchange wall. This was inescapable unless you teleported. This bug was leaked, and quickly patched.
  • On 10 August 2009, there was a bug at the cosmic altar that allowed players to pass the barriers on the path between the portals and the Runecrafting altar. Some players also passed through walls in many other special arenas, such as random events, quest arenas and even the render arena of player-owned houses. This bug was fixed quickly (around 1 hour). Videos of the short noclip glitch can be found on YouTube.
  • In the quest Underground Pass it was possible to walk east on one of the walkways to the demons and float in the air, making it easy to kill the demons from afar. This is unpatched as of 19 January 2010.
Baby Red dragon no-clipped into walls.
  • There was another noclip during the quest Underground Pass, which no longer works due to Jagex patching Stackable Interfaces. It was done by entering the room Iban was in without Zamorak robe outfit (red) on and spamming one of these interfaces while your character was stalled, then teleporting to your destination. Your character would be knocked back a few steps and hit for damage. Around 3 people abused this bug and it was never leaked.
  • In May 2011, a new noclip was found using the chair from the Clan Camp. Players would sit on the chair after using a grand seed pod then quickly open an interface, turning the player towards the gnome. The player could then teleport whilst spamming a semi-stackable interface and would be in the chair stance, and when getting up would move your character one step forward. This forced movement would also go through walls. Bug abusers could move using this bug via mithril seeds and marker seeds.
  • Commonly, NPCs noclip walls when trying to attack players.
  • A few days after the Grand Exchange was updated, players were able to walk into the southern wall 1 space east of the entrance. This was fixed at an unknown date.
A player walking on water
  • There was a glitch in Dungeoneering which allowed players to walk on depleted fishing spots. It is unknown if this applied to only one or more rooms.
  • 18 August 2012, there was a noclip glitch on the west side of the Lumbridge Castle by the wall. This particular spot allowed players to be stuck within the ground.
  • 3 December 2012, ponds in the western half of the Lumbridge Swamp could be walked on. However, this does not apply to one northern pond on sloped land.
  • As of the release of Blazehound and Skypouncer, pets larger than one square can get stuck in walls.
  • On 19 April 2013, a glitch was discovered that lets players walk into urns and chests in the minigame Pyramid Plunder, but not into walls.
  • Upon release of RuneScape 3, a new noclip glitch was found where players could walk through a wall on the second floor of the Heroes' Guild, allowing them to go almost anywhere on the second floor of the RuneScape game. This caused some players to abuse this bug as a way to scam others into going into the Wilderness with valuable items, and dropping their items in the Grand Exchange, causing a lot of confusion among players there as the items would be floating in the air and players that weren't using the glitch would not be able to pick these items up. Players could also walk through the walls that surrounded the unreleased city of Prifddinas. Another example is where players running the Ape Atoll Agility Course could run off into the air after climbing the tree and before swinging across the monkey bars. The glitches were quickly leaked and were fixed on 31 July.
  • On 3 January 2015, there was a glitch near the Grand Tree where, if the player happened to lag while climbing the ladder to one of the small tree houses around it, the player would get no-clipped into the "second floor" of the game world. The player was then able to walk freely around the world, to almost anywhere. Also, by doing this and going extreme north of the unknown, north of the Iceberg, Grubfoot's dream of Yu'biusk was visible.
  • On 14 March 2016, an update caused a glitch in Clan Citadels in which players could walk through walls. This was patched a few hours later.