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The Ninja Team were a group of Jagex employees responsible for adding minor content or quality of life improvements.

Ninja updates generally consist of tweaks and changes to existing content to improve the player's quality of life when playing the game. The ninja team's ethos is to deliver the highest impact changes at the lowest cost to development time.

Ninjas take community feedback through their dojo and add that feedback to the game as a so called "strike". A strike can be themed, like the ninja strike from 14 April 2020 regarding Shattered Worlds. Or it can be a scattered strike where multiple pieces of content receive an update like the ninja strike from 4 May 2020 which saw updates for the Anachronia Dinosaur Farm, grace of the elves, and stone spirits.

History[edit | edit source]

This team ceased to exist due to the team restructures in late 2019. Their duties were taken over by the core experience team. However during the livestream on 25 February 2020, the Ninja Team was reintroduced. A year later on 1 February 2021, the quest Tortle Combat was released to celebrate the anniversary of the team's return. This dedicated team was disbanded at the end of 2021, but ninja strikes will still be a thing with rotating developers and QA's from the content team.[1] The last strike made by the dedicated Ninja Team was the update on 17 January 2022.

Members[edit | edit source]

Advisors[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Role Employed in
Mod Timbo.png Mod Timbo Principal Designer July 2008
Mod Dorn.jpg Mod Dorn Senior Localisation Specialist (German) 24 April 2017[2]

Former ninjas[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Role Employed in Left in
Mod Ana.png Mod Ana Lead Developer 2010 5 June 2015
Mod Chaplain.png Mod Chaplain Graduate Gameplay Programmer 2016 13 September 2017
N/A Mod Edge Technical Developer May 2017 22 August 2019
Mod Harrison.png Mod Harrison RuneScape QA Analyst 2014[3] 9 October 2019[4]
Mod Kelpie.jpg Mod Kelpie Producer 2011 2019
Mod Maylea.png Mod Maylea Content Developer 2 October 2006
N/A Mod Tomb Content Developer 2016
Mod Pi.png Mod Pi Senior Gameplay Programmer August 2011[5]
Mod Liam.png Mod Liam Senior Product Owner 2005
Mod Doctor.png Mod Doctor Content Developer 2012 August 2021
Mod Ramen.jpg Mod Ramen Senior Content Developer May 2013
Mod Ryan.png Mod Ryan Principal Content Developer March 2013, June 2016 February 2015
Mod Stu.png Mod Stu Senior Content Developer 2006[3]
Mod Hunter.png Mod Hunter Senior Technical Developer 2011
Mod AoB.png Mod AoB Environment Artist July 2008 August 2019[6]
N/A Mod Hing Animator 2011
N/A Mod Kylar Content Developer 2018 2019
N/A Mod Labcoat Content Developer 17 December 2019
N/A Mod Halo QA Analyst 9 October 2019
N/A Mod Lab N/A
Mod Veda.jpg Mod Veda QA Engineer 2017
Mod Iago.png Mod Iago QA Lead 2017
Mod Kalaya.png Mod Kalaya Product Manager July 2012
Mod Erator.jpg Mod Erator Senior Content Developer September 2016
Mod Shogun.png Mod Shogun Content Developer 2014[3]
N/A Mod Abe Content Developer
Mod Chaose.jpg Mod Chaose RuneScape Content QA Analyst; QA Lore Specialist 2013
Mod Breezy.jpg Mod Breezy QA Analyst July 2018[7]
Mod Kari.png Mod Kari Community Manager 20 January 2020 27 October 2021
Mod Canine.jpg Mod Canine Junior Content Developer April 2020
N/A Mod Frosch Content Developer 2020

References[edit | edit source]

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