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New Varrock is an alternate version of Varrock under the control of the Mahjarrat Zemouregal, first access upon starting the Dimension of Disaster quest. New Varrock is the site for all subquests of the Dimension of Disaster subquest series.

The city is wholly separate from the rest of the game and you cannot bring in any items. Thus, you will need to obtain new armour and weapons from around the area. You will have to obtain most items yourself, either using items gathered or bought in shops with zemomarks, the currency of New Varrock. Trade is also available with other players via Free Trade only, as there is no Grand Exchange.

Any items obtained within New Varrock will remain within New Varrock, saved when leaving the city but not brought into the main Varrock city upon leaving New Varrock. New Varrock is a safe area, so all items are kept upon death. In New Varrock, the adventurer respawns at Varrock centre square, near Varrock fountain.

Obtaining Zemomarks[edit | edit source]

Zemomarks can be obtained by completing tasks, quests and selling things to shops.

  • A good way to get some Zemomarks early on is to claim some free runes from Aubury and free arrows and bolts from Lowe and sell them to the general store for 690 Zemomarks in total. This can be repeated.
  • If you have Level 29 Crafting, then another way to make money is by killing the cows just east of east bank and taking the hide to the tanner south of the west bank. Tan the hides to hard leather, and craft them into shields. You can get the thread from Zaff who owns the staff shop or the tanner himself, and they will sell for 71 each at the general store.
  • If you have a higher level of crafting (58+ optimal) you can buy one of each type of gems from the gem stall just outside the general store and make them into bracelets at the furnace south of the west bank to gain 1500+ Zemomarks. Note that since this store restocks very slowly, it might be better to save the diamonds for repeat quest runs if you're not strapped for cash.
  • Level 19 Smithing: buying 10 iron ore from the smith in West Varrock, then turning them into iron nails can make lots of profit. Each bar makes 15 nails, and 15 nails sells for 135 zemomarks, which is much more than the 17 you paid for each ore.
    • There is no longer failure with smelting iron due to the Mining and Smithing rework so one will not even need a ring of forging for full profit.
  • Cutting trees, turning the logs into arrow shafts, and selling them to the general store is a good way to earn Zemomarks. Each arrow shaft sells for 3 Zemomarks, meaning you get 45 Zemomarks per log, or 1260 per inventory of logs.
  • The fastest way, although requiring a high Thieving level, is to switch worlds until you find a zombie inside the New Varrock General Store, pickpocket it until you have filled your inventory, and then proceed to sell it to the Shopkeeper (remember to turn off the 'NPC attack option' in the 'Combat & Action Bar' settings for a faster pickpocket). It is recommended to use the ability bar to drop low-value items (one suggested ability bar: raw undead beef, raw undead chicken, zombie cowhide, sinew, flax, wool, black wool, cabbage, tomato, onion, raw potato, copper ore, tin ore). This gives an easy 1k marks per inventory (30 sec with high thieving) due to the runes and staves you can get from pickpocketing.

Obtaining equipment[edit | edit source]

Armour and weapons can be obtained from a variety of places in New Varrock. Only equipment up to level 20 can be obtained, although as level 20 equipment is very rare, it is more practical to create level 10 equipment.

For all attack styles, an Amulet of power may be crafted using diamonds from Ulrist, gold ore from Sani, wool from Thessalia and the Enchant Level 4 Jewellery spell.

Obtaining food[edit | edit source]

A wide variety of food can be found throughout New Varrock.

  • Fried onions heal up to 1050 life points each. The player needs to create chopped onion then cooking it on a range, which requires level 42 cooking. However, these are not stackable unlike Gertrude's chocolate cakes and stews.
  • Xuan in Varrock Square sells cabbages, raw onions and tomatoes, which heal 210, 200 and 200 life points each, respectively.
  • Zombie cows and Undead chickens may also be killed to obtain raw undead beef and raw undead chicken, which may be cooked to obtain cooked undead meat and cooked undead chicken, which heal 200 life points each.
  • Gertrude sells chocolate cakes and stews for 140 and 170 zemomarks each, respectively. The cake heals for 1250 life points and the Stew heals for 625 life points. Both of these are stackable.
  • Using an empty jug on the barrels of wine located in the southwest area of the castle will give you Wine of Zemouregal which heals for 865 life points. This requires completion of Defender of Varrock to be able to go in the castle. Only one Wine of Zemouregal can be held at one time, but you can keep refilling and drinking to restore LP. Drinking the wine will lower your attack. Empty jugs can be purchased at the General Store for 1 zemomark, or be picked up from a spawn next to the wine barrel.
  • There are six cabbages that can be picked south of the pub, and these respawn fairly quickly.