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Amulets and necklaces are jewellery items that can be worn in the neck slot.

Bonuses & prices[edit | edit source]

Non-enchanted amulets don't have any stat bonuses, so they are not included. Trimmed amulets (with exception of the trimmed amulet of fury) provide no extras bonuses.

ItemAttributeStyle bonusPrice
Amulet of zealots.pngAmulet of zealots---5---None [1]
Salve amulet.pngSalve amulet--3---None
Salve amulet (e).pngSalve amulet (e)--
Desert amulet 1.pngDesert amulet 1---
Desert amulet 2.pngDesert amulet 2--115.815.815.8None
Desert amulet 3.pngDesert amulet 3--224.324.324.3None
Desert amulet 4.pngDesert amulet 4--330.230.230.2None
Lunar amulet.pngLunar amulet-----30.24,000
Necklace of Charos.pngNecklace of Charos--218.718.718.7None
Amulet of potency.pngAmulet of potency2.2-2---None
Amulet of defence.pngAmulet of defence6.3--,853
Amulet of accuracy.pngAmulet of accuracy----15.8-2,990
Amulet of power.pngAmulet of power--115.815.815.86,355
Amulet of magic.pngAmulet of magic-----18.71,767
Amulet of magic (t).pngAmulet of magic (t)-----18.71,338,483
Amulet of strength.pngAmulet of strength---18.7--3,111
Strength amulet (t).pngStrength amulet (t)---18.7--1,315,922
Amulet of glory.pngAmulet of glory--226.726.726.711,566
Amulet of glory (t).pngAmulet of glory (t)--226.726.726.71,323,223
Dragon Rider amulet.pngDragon Rider amulet--1030.230.230.2500,000
Third age amulet.pngThird age amulet-----32.7340,655,552
Amulet of fury.pngAmulet of fury--332.732.732.7983,558
Amulet of fury (t).pngAmulet of fury (t)--434.234.234.22,000,439
Amulet of fury (or).pngAmulet of fury (or)--332.732.732.72,373,739[2]
Amulet of ranging.pngAmulet of ranging----32.7-91,958
Blood amulet of fury.pngBlood amulet of fury--332.732.732.722,332,645[3]
Amulet of the forsaken.pngAmulet of the forsaken--336.836.836.835,389,336
Saradomin's whisper.pngSaradomin's whisper--236.8--146,896
Saradomin's murmur.pngSaradomin's murmur--2-36.8-457,007
Saradomin's hiss.pngSaradomin's hiss--2--36.8147,657
Amulet of souls.pngAmulet of souls--546.346.346.394,094,386
Amulet of souls (or).pngAmulet of souls (or)--5484848181,111,096[4]
Berserker necklace.pngBerserker necklace--330.2--544,726
Reaper necklace.pngReaper necklace--336.836.836.896,667,681
Reaper necklace (or).pngReaper necklace (or)--338.438.438.4108,803,610[5]
Essence of Finality amulet.pngEssence of Finality amulet--7565656385,952,033
Essence of Finality amulet (or).pngEssence of Finality amulet (or)--7595959485,104,672[6]
Twisted bird skull necklace.pngTwisted bird skull necklace--3---None[7]
Split dragontooth necklace.pngSplit dragontooth necklace--4---None[8]
Demon horn necklace.pngDemon horn necklace--5---None[9]
Arcane pulse necklace.pngArcane pulse necklace-----13.5None[10]
Arcane blast necklace.pngArcane blast necklace-----24.3None[11]
Arcane stream necklace.pngArcane stream necklace-----44.1147,657[12]
Arcane blood necklace.pngArcane blood necklace-----44.121,496,744[12][13]
Farsight quick shot necklace.pngFarsight quick shot necklace----13.5-None[10]
Farsight snap shot necklace.pngFarsight snap shot necklace----24.3-None[11]
Farsight sniper necklace.pngFarsight sniper necklace----44.1-457,007[12][14]
Farsight blood necklace.pngFarsight blood necklace----44.1-21,806,094[12][15]
Grace of the elves.pngGrace of the elves------89,575,671
Brawler's jab necklace.pngBrawler's jab necklace---13.5--None[10]
Brawler's hook necklace.pngBrawler's hook necklace---24.3--None[11]
Brawler's knockout necklace.pngBrawler's knockout necklace---44.1--146,896[12][16]
Brawler's blood necklace.pngBrawler's blood necklace---44.1--21,495,983[12][17]
Holy symbol.pngHoly symbol--8---1,889
Unholy symbol.pngUnholy symbol--8---9,296
  1. ^ Costs Dungeoneering token.png: RS3 Inventory image of Dungeoneering token 40,000
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  4. ^ Price is Soul ornament kit and amulet of souls added together.
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  6. ^ Price is Essence of Finality amulet, reaper ornament kit, and soul ornament kit added together.
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  15. ^ Price is Saradomin's murmur and Blood necklace shard added together.
  16. ^ Cost isSaradomin's whisper
  17. ^ Price is Saradomin's whisper and Blood necklace shard added together.

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • ninja 12 September 2016 (Update):
    • The following items have been graphically updated:
      • Gold to onyx rings and ring of slaying - regular, imbued & enchanted
      • Brass, gold to dragonstone necklaces - regular & enchanted
      • Gold to hydrix bracelets: regular & enchanted
      • Gold to dragonstone amulets - regular & enchanted
  • patch 19 July 2010 (Update):
    • Resolved a render order problem with Castle Wars armour and various amulets/necklaces.
  • patch 20 October 2009 (Update):
    • Fixed rendering problem with unstrung amulets.

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