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Narix is a naragi first mentioned by Kaigi in her journal.

He lead a part of the refugees at a refugee camp, other refugees were lead by Nakigi. Narix suggested to take arms and fight back against Saradomin. Then a new creature appeared while some of the foragers were looking for food outside the refugee zone who came through a magical portal. The creature ambushed Saradomin's scouts, some refugees were worried, but others wanted to ally with it. So Narix and a team of warriors, including Kaigi, went to talk with the unknown creature, who did not have the intention to talk at all and it slew naragi while the rest went into hiding. Luckily it was not interested in hunting the survivors, started chanting 'Tus-ka' and left. The surviving Naragi including Narix returned to the camp to warn the rest of the new foe.

More and more airut came through the portal. Including a new breed of them and one appearing to be a priest. Some Naragi tried to talk with the priest but were never seen again. Not long after that, Tuska appeared. Some Naragi decided to go to their homes to die, with the exception of Narix and his following, including Kaigi. Narix was adamant to fight back and he had a new plan. He wanted to cause a battle between Tuska and Saradomin by leading the former to the latter in the hope they would kill each other and give the surviving Naragi the possibility to escape through the airut portal which was heavily guarded at that moment.

It is not known how Narix died.