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Nardarine was a woman that lived in the Kharidian Desert during the God Wars.

Nardarine fled her home in the northern desert when a series of battles between the forces of Saradomin and Zamorak broke out, threatening to kill all who inhabited the area. She travelled south, where she hoped to find refuge in the newly built cities of Menaphos and Sophanem.

However, about midway through her journey, Nardarine ran out of supplies, and thirst brought her to the brink of death. She prayed to Elidinis, the desert goddess of fertility, to save her. Elidinis answered by transforming the land where Nardarine stood into an oasis, with a spring at its centre.

Here the town of Nardah was founded, the spring made into a fountain at the town's centre. Nardarine died some years later.

Its possible the town that Nardarine fled from was Senntisten/Saranthium, it would make sense, as Saranthium was in war with Zamorakian forces during the time she would have left. Further evidence that supports this is that Saranthium is north of Nardah, the town in the tale was also stated to be north in the desert. Also, its said that the city 'does not exist today', as its known, Senntisten/Saranthium were reduced to rubble, now known as the area of the Digsite in the current time of Gielinor.