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Nail beasts are encountered on all three paths of the Temple Trekking minigame. The combat levels of Nail beasts are based on the difficulty of the event chosen: they are level 42 on easy, level 84 on medium, and level 98 on hard. On an easy event, players will see between two and three Nail beasts, on a medium event they will see between three and four, and on a hard event anywhere between four and six will appear.

They are not very strong, but they hit very fast with melee (it hits 3 times every attack), and very accurately, even against high-defence armour. Players should keep an eye on their follower's life points, and on their own. One tactic is to run around, attacking each Nail beast once (targeting any that are attacking your follower first) to attract their attention, then moving to a location that makes them go to a single area. Once in this position, use area of effect abilities so the Nail beasts will all suffer damage. Also, Sanfew serums are an effective weapon and will cause significant damage when used on a Nail beast, although a Nail beast cannot be killed with a Sanfew Serum as they take signficantly less damage after the first dose and when they reach 1 life point a Sanfew dose does 0 damage.

Nail beasts drop the tertiary ingredient for the Summoning familiar Talon beast, which yields the highest experience of all pouches. They also drop Nail beast nails, which are used as a secondary ingredient for making Sanfew serum, and possibly a long or curved bone. Both are unstackable, but nail beast nails are worth little and should be discarded. If one is fighting Nail beasts with the aim of receiving these drops, it is advised to use a high levelled follower (such as level 79 Zachory Bragg, level 80 Jayene Kliyn, or level 80 Dean Vellio) to "scry" for the event. The followers predictions will always be the following for Nail beasts:

The sharp corner near the "Evade event" path leading west is an excellent safespot.
  • Easy event: "I can see strange dark shapes slinking around in the myre ahead. Tread carefully if we go that way."
  • Medium event: "Be careful if we go this way. I can see some things sneaking around."
  • Hard event: "Nail beasts! You don't see them much these days. We'll be in for a big fight if we choose to go this way!"

Note: The triple charm reward effect from the Familiarisation D&D does not affect the amount of talon beast charms dropped.

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Universal drops are dropped by nearly every monster and skilling action outside of Daemonheim.
These items are dropped alongside main drops.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to the "Hard event" dialogue spoken by your follower, it is possible that Nail beasts are an endangered species. This is reasonable, as nail beasts are only seen in the minigame and never in the rest of Morytania itself.