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Not to be confused with Mystic staff.
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The mystical staff was a reward from the Build-A-Fayre event obtained by opening the reward chest.

The level 65 staff was initially unlocked at a concurrence of 10% of the maximum personal and community progress within the event. At various other levels of progress, the following improvements were unlocked:

  • Staff is upgraded to level 70
  • Staff is upgraded to level 75
  • Staff is unlocked as a cosmetic override (as Mystical Staff)
  • Staff provides unlimited fire, water, and earth runes

Players in Ironman Mode could only claim the cosmetic override. The staff can be reclaimed from Diango if lost, for 75,000 coins for the level 65 version, 100,000 for the level 70 version, and 500,000 for the level 75 version.

Previously, it could be bought from the Oddments Store for 750 oddments through Treasure Hunter. The upgrades could be bought for an additional 150 oddments per upgrade. It was possible to buy the staff even on Entrana.

Upon death in the Wilderness, the level 65 version drops as 52,000 coins, the level 70 version drops as 70,000 coins, and the level 75 version drops as 350,000 coins.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The hand shaped design on the top of the staff appears to be based on the Hamsa, a charm popular in the Middle East to ward off curses, primarily the "Evil Eye". This is most likely related to the Middle Eastern design of Menowin's clothing.