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For the mysterious statues on Mazcab, see Mysterious statue (Mazcab).
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The Mysterious statues are large stone statues created by the TokHaar with the Elder Kiln on the orders of the Elder Gods. As a creation of the kiln, they are considered to be part of the same Elder Artefact as the TokHaar and the kiln itself. There are 4 statues in total, and they are used during the Holy Grail quest to triangulate the entrance to the realm of the Fisher King, as Arthur's knights had turned them from their original directions they faced towards the grail. During the Seers' Village Task, players have to walk clockwise around the statue that is in Seers' Village to complete a task.

They are also used in the quest One of a Kind, where the player turns them to their original positions so they face towards the Submerged Statue, which is referred to as 'The Sleeper'. Turning all four statues will reward players with 10,000 bonus experience in a skill of their choice (or 5,000 for elite skills).

The fastest transit to the statues for One of a Kind is the following:

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Co-ordinates Original direction Post-One of a Kind direction Details Map
Seers' Village 10° 18' north, 9° 22' east South South-east In the patch between the bank, the Estate agent and Camelot Castle.
Fishing Guild 6° 28' north, 5° 33' east South-east East South of the Guild, and south-west of the nearby mill.
Tower of Life 2° 15' north, 6° 31' east East North-east Right north of the tower, west of the fairy ring.
Brimhaven 0° 19' north, 9° 29' east North North by north-east West of the POH portal.

Removed[edit | edit source]

Location Co-ordinates Faces Details
Port Sarim 1° 46' north, 17° 31' east West Just west of Gerrant's fishing shop.
Taverley 8° 18' north, 15° 11' east South-west South-west of the tree farming patch and east of the Herblore shop.

Graphical updates[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During the 2008 Easter event, the statue near Port Sarim had an Easter egg put below its mouth.
  • The statues near Port Sarim and the Tower of Life used to seem to be facing each other.
  • The statues were originally less detailed, before being graphically updated. The statue near the Tower of Life was updated first, with the other statues updated on 6 October 2012.
  • There were previously 2 more statues by Rimmington and Taverley bringing the total to 6 statues, but these seem to have been removed. According to other statues, these were torn down to be turned into castles.
  • The Crone still speaks of 6 heads during The Holy Grail.